Cameroon – 20 May 2017: An SDF senator participated in the National Day Festivities in Meiganga

Written by Deckson N.

Paul Maounde argues that the SDF has forbidden its militants to parade, not to attend. A party official disagrees.

The Social Democratic Front (SDF) was represented at the celebrationĀ  of the national unity on 20 May in Meiganga. The Senator Paul Mahounde took his place in the lodge of honor. Joined on telephone by cameroon-info.net, the opposition official replied that he did not violate the instructions of National President Ni John Fru Ndi who had decided to boycott the festivities of the 45th anniversary of the Unitary State by his party. “I am a Cameroonian citizen. I am an elected representative of the people. I do not see why an elected official would not attend the national day of his country. There is a misunderstanding. It has not been said that a citizen should not attend the parade, but it has been said that the party will not march. It depends on everyone’s understanding. The militants can attend the celebration without scrolling. There is a misinterpretation of the Chairman’s order, “argues Paul Maounde.

Called to react to this news, the communications officer of the “Shadow Cabinet” of the SDF explains that neither he nor his party areĀ  informed of the situation that we describe. “I’m not aware of this information. I believe that the party’s directives have been respected throughout the country. The Chairman said that the SDF should not be present in the galleries or in the parade on May 20th 2017. If what you tell me is true the party will draw the consequences.”

Will Senator Paul Maounde be punished for indiscipline?

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