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Cameroon – Maurice Djoume: Tired of being insulted as a “Bamenda”, the 1990s musician burnt down the house he built.

Written by Deckson N.

The author of the hit songs “Maïmouna” and “Aissatou” from the 1990s gave way to an outburst of anger on Tuesday 16 May. Exasperated to be covered with insults by his relatives who said they wished to dispossess him from the land inherited from his father, Maurice Djoumè did not hesitate to set fire to the house that he built himself.

In the quartier 7 of Mbanga in the Moungo division of the Littoral region, the populations are both surprised and angry at the artist Maurice Djoumè; Author of the hit songs “Maïmouna” and “Aissatou” of the 1990s. The latter without worrying about the fate of neighboring houses, sprinkled the family home with fuel and set fire to it on the morning of Tuesday, May 16, 2017. Pure madness! Exclaim many people in the neighborhood, who still do not understand that their artist whose melodies they still enjoy today, could have done so. “He dares to put on fire like that, and if it took other houses, he had to be where to answer for it?” An act like that is very dangerous “shouts a neighbor in front of what remains of the house in temporary materials , Completely consumed by the flames.”

Interrogated, the younger brother of the Cameroonian artist said not to understand what passed by his elder’s head. But in light of the facts that preceded this voluntary fire, one might conclude that this was a violent outburst of anger.

My brother had planted a small flower here in front of the yard, and on Monday my father came in and tore the flower off.” My big brother asked him why he did that, “he said that, swinging his hand behind his ear. It annoyed my elder brother who decided to suspend the light in his absence. It was on his return around 4 AM that he found out and got angry asking why the light was cut off meanwhile he pays his bills. He began to say he was going to burn the house, we did not think he was serious“, explains one of the artist’s nieces. Around 7 AM the singer Maurice Djoumè with his real name Mpackato, seized a can of fuel that he emptied around and inside the house, inviting everyone to go out before slamming his stick and leaving.

When the artist returned to the scene, he laughed when he saw the mobilization to put out the fire and reminded them that it was he who set the fire, so they should let it burn, witnesses said

My mother is Baloum, my father is a Bamenda, I do not know what happened, he offered a piece of land to my mother, on which I built. Now it causes a problem because others say I am bamenda, every day i receive abuse from my other brothers, they do not have the same father, they say to me: “you excrete on your body when you drink, you are a bamenda, you need to leave from our home, you’re not at home here, “so I was tired.” Says the Cameroonian singer.

Before committing his pyromaniac act, Maurice Djoumè took care to remove from the house his guitar and his golden record, 2 precious objects of his years of glory as an artist.

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