Cameroon – Strike: The Mvog-Beti Poultry Complex workers threaten to spread the bird flu on the 20th May Boulevard!

mvog-beti complex
Written by Deckson N.

Around 50 employees of the Mvog-Betsi Poultry Complex in Yaoundé, who had been dismissed due to illness due to the last epidemic of bird flu, have been making claims over their status for several weeks.

According to the Sans Détour newspaper, which relays this information in its edition n° 207 of Tuesday 16 May 2017, faced with the silence of their hierarchy, they threaten to spread the bird flu over the 20 May boulevard, on the occasion of the celebration of the the next national unity day, if their demands are not taken into account.

When we were dismissed because we were sick, we seized the Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, Dr. Taïga has never given us an attentive ear; He has never shown any interest in this matter. We are abandoned to our sad fate, incapable of feeding our children, providing for their schooling, their health and even housing them, “indignant a staff delegate quoted by the newspaper,

The latter reveals that in the general management of the company, it is a silence of cemetery that is being observed. “Since this crisis has occurred, our hierarchy has never kept us in the way of reassuring each other. After the disappearance of the general manager, the chairman of the board remained silent as a carp. We have no information on that; We no longer know what will happen to us, “he said.

The dismissed staff of the Mvog-Betsi Poultry Complex is threatening to make themselves heard next Saturday at the 20 May Boulevard in Yaoundé, during the parade marking the 45th edition of the National Day.

Since our hierarchy and guardianship mock our miseries, we will make ourselves heard. On May 20th under the eyes of the Head of State, we will spread the bird flu across the street. We have no other choice, “said a staff delegate.

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