Cameroon – Politics: The CPP does not exclude legal proceedings against its Vice President who does not approve the call for the 20 May boycott

Written by Deckson N.

Franck Essi, Secretary General of the party believes that Gérard Roger Ndebi has no right to scroll people on behalf of the Cameroon People Party.

In a statement dated May 11, 2017, the Cameroon People Party (CPP) called on its activists and supporters to boycott the festivities of the 45th National Unity Day. “This decision is a renewal of the slogan already given in 2016 to the militants and sympathizers of our political formation. It is justified by the fact that national unity presupposes the gathering and not the exclusion of certain groups as is currently the case with this Government, “said the CPP.

This position was subsequently challenged by Gérard Roger Ndebi, the party’s vice-president, who in another communiqué on 16 May suggested that this decision, in addition to being contrary to the CPP’s vision, was taken unilaterally by President Edith Kah Walla. “Boycotting Cameroon’s national holiday means boycotting the nation whose rule we aspire to. The 20th of May, far from being a feast of the CPDM, is the national day of Cameroon and consequently the Cameroonian people must mobilize as one man to celebrate this feast with pomp and solemnity, in strict respect of republican institutions”, He wrote in this announcement read on the antennas of the National Station of the Crtv.

An exit which according to the CPP does not engage the party whose statutes “inform in the most explicit way possible about the persons who have quality to speak on behalf of the party“. Moreover, to further discredit the Vice President, Franck Essi, in an interview on Radio Balafon presents his comrade as a militant disconnected from the activities of the party. “At the end of the Congress in December 2014, he was elected Vice-President of the CPP. Only this is someone who has not attended the last 147 weekly planning meetings of the party; He has not attended any of the last 40 strategic reflection meetings, none of the 127 field trips made by the comrades. We were even arrested throughout the year 2016 in Yaounde, his hometown seven times, nearly 150 militants of the CPP on different occasions without his presence, “reveals the boss of the administration of the CPP.

The party does not rule out legal proceedings against its Vice President if he stubbornly makes Cameroonians march on behalf of the Cameroon People Party. “He can not scroll people on behalf of the CPP because I’m the administrative respondent of the party. Already, he incurs legal proceedings, “warns Franck Essi. According to his remarks, an operation aimed at bringing young people under the colors of opposition parties for a sum of 15,000 francs would be in progress in the Career Quarter in the Yaounde II district.

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