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The political party of the opposition invites the medical profession to continue strike until they obtain their different demands.

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On May 1, 2017, the Cameroon People’s Party praised the work of the Doctors. Thousands of you show up at work everyday with limited equipment, insufficient resources and inadequate work systems, yet, continue to heal the sick because they are serving the people.

On April 17, 2017, the Union of Cameroon’s Doctors (SYMEC) called for a strike action placing a set of requests which public authorities could consider in order to ensure the well-being of all Cameroonians. Instead of addressing complaints of those doctors, the Minister of Public Health has chosen to question the legality of the SYMEC, thereby disregarding a number of constitutional provisions and international labour-related provisions. As a result of the new call for a strike on May 15, 16 and 17, the Minister of Health has taken sanctions against the leaders of this movement through disciplinary actions.

One more time, this government, whose incompetence is notorious, proves that its objective is not to serve the Cameroonian people. One more time, this government has not taken into consideration the demands of our compatriots. One more time, Mr. Biya’s government has chosen the easy way by sanctioning some citizens whose actions are aimed at improving the living conditions of all Cameroonians.

The Cameroon People’s Party renews its support to the Union of Cameroon’s Doctors and invites the medical corps to continue the strike action in order:

  • To get the immplementation of a health insurance policy that will ensure to all Cameroonians an access to adequate healthcare;
  • To demand decent salaries for the work that they do and that these salaries be paid on time;
  • To demand the upward revision of the retirement age of doctors given the shortage of human resources in the field;
  • To demand decent working conditions including health insurance, safety equipment and necessary working materials;
  • To demand systematic evaluation that is fair and just in the civil service, so advancement and compensation may be based on merit;
  • To fight against the corruption and tribalism that is destroying your jobs and therefore destroying our Nation;

Stand up for your rights, Stand up for our rights, Stand up for Cameroon!
The time is now!

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