Cameroon – 20 May 2017: The celebration that divides the Cameroonian opposition

Written by Deckson N.

If the Social Democratic Front of Ni John Fru Ndi and the Cameroon’s people party of Edith Kah Walla invite their militants to boycott the National Day on May 20, the faction of the UPC of which Robert Bapooh Lipot Is secretary general asks her militants to mobilize for the success of this festival.

The political parties of the opposition disagree about their participation in the next celebration of the National Day which will be celebrated on 20 May 2017. For political parties like the Social Democratic Front (SDF), the Cameroon’s people party (CPP), boycotting this celebration is the ideal way to protest against the management of the Anglophone crisis. “We have decided not to participate in the upcoming celebrations of our national unity which is greatly threatened. It is to protest energetically against the current state of degradation of our country, “recently wrote the Chairman of SDF Ni John Fru Ndi. This circular letter addressed to the members of the National Executive Committee, the regional presidents and the presidents of the electoral districts of the SDF.

It must be said that it is a posture that was also adopted by Edith Kah Walla of the CPP. In a press release issued on 11 May 2017, she said so. “The Cameroon people’s party informs national and international opinion of its decision not to take part in the official festivities organized by the Government of Mr Paul Biya on the occasion of the celebration of the national unity on 20 May 2017 “We can not participate in the official festivities when we do not agree with the current management of the Anglophone crisis,” she wrote.

It is a different sound from the side of the Union des populations du Cameroun (UPC). The faction of Robert Bapooh Lipot speaks of the voices that rise to create confusion in the minds of the populations. “The UPC denounces these acts which bear the seeds of a destabilization of our country; Recall that the unity of Cameroon which can not be sacrificed at the altar of the meanders of political parties, requires all Cameroonian political actors to represent peace and safeguard the unity of Cameroon as the fundamentals of their relationship with the Cameroonian people, “they said in their statement.

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