Cameroon – 20 May 2017: “Some losing political forces want to use May 20 as an opportunity for blackmail and bargaining vis-à-vis the CPDM regime” – Anicet Ekane

Written by Deckson N.

Due to the Anglophone crisis, the political parties of the opposition chose the option of not taking part in the next edition of the feast of unity. The subject raises some disagreement with the leaders of the political parties.

Following the announcement of the boycott of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), Cameroon’s people party (CPP) also told national and international opinion its refusal to participate in the celebration due to the management of the Anglophone crisis. Having approached certain leaders of political formations to have their opinion on the boycott envisaged by certain policies, the daily newspaper Le Jour reports their mixed position in its edition of May 15, 2017.

National unity is not decreed and is not a lottery. The future of the Kamerun is not a lottery. Every year on 20 May the problematic of national unity arises. This year the crisis in the anglophone zone gives a particular relief to this problem. So some losing political forces want to use May 20 as an opportunity for blackmail and bargaining vis-à-vis the CPDM regime, but also as a political opportunity for re-positioning. For the MANIDEM and the true Kamerunese patriots, National Unity can not be decreed. It is constructed methodically by the consolidation of our sovereignty and the implementation of a democratic and popular policy, which must unite against the maneuvers of the regionalist and tribalist elites, “says Anicet Ekane, president of the MANIDEM.

For Doungouss Dambaldi, President of the RDDCR, “it is normal to call a boycoot on May 20th because no one doubts this National Unity. But we must recognize here that our country is celebrating its next feast of Unity in a troubled context. The National Unity must not be partial the English problem deserves the involvement of all Cameroonians. When this crisis began the President of the Republic had to personally go to Bamenda to comfort our English speaking brothers. But what has been done is to arrest the people who claimed the best living conditions and throw them in jail. It is this attitude that we condemn while recognizing that the right measures have been taken and are waiting to be implemented. The release of detainees prior to the May Day celebration had to make sense of our Unity.

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