Cameroon – 20 May 2017: “Some losing political forces want to use May 20 as an opportunity for blackmail and bargaining vis-à-vis the CPDM regime” – Anicet Ekane

Written by Deckson N.

Due to the Anglophone crisis, the political parties of the opposition chose the option of not taking part in the next edition of the feast of unity. The subject raises some disagreement with the leaders of the political parties.

Following the announcement of the boycott of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), Cameroon’s people party (CPP) also told national and international opinion its refusal to participate in the celebration due to the management of the Anglophone crisis. Having approached certain leaders of political formations to have their opinion on the boycott envisaged by certain policies, the daily newspaper Le Jour reports their mixed position in its edition of May 15, 2017.

National unity is not decreed and is not a lottery. The future of the Kamerun is not a lottery. Every year on 20 May the problematic of national unity arises. This year the crisis in the anglophone zone gives a particular relief to this problem. So some losing political forces want to use May 20 as an opportunity for blackmail and bargaining vis-à-vis the CPDM regime, but also as a political opportunity for re-positioning. For the MANIDEM and the true Kamerunese patriots, National Unity can not be decreed. It is constructed methodically by the consolidation of our sovereignty and the implementation of a democratic and popular policy, which must unite against the maneuvers of the regionalist and tribalist elites, “says Anicet Ekane, president of the MANIDEM.

For Doungouss Dambaldi, President of the RDDCR, “it is normal to call a boycoot on May 20th because no one doubts this National Unity. But we must recognize here that our country is celebrating its next feast of Unity in a troubled context. The National Unity must not be partial the English problem deserves the involvement of all Cameroonians. When this crisis began the President of the Republic had to personally go to Bamenda to comfort our English speaking brothers. But what has been done is to arrest the people who claimed the best living conditions and throw them in jail. It is this attitude that we condemn while recognizing that the right measures have been taken and are waiting to be implemented. The release of detainees prior to the May Day celebration had to make sense of our Unity.

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Deckson N.

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  • Greetings my fellow people”

    I said —– I can’t go on but Jesus Said I will carry you….
    I said —-I am too tired — But Jesus said I will Give you rest….
    I said—- Impossible — but Jesus said all things are possible..
    I said — I am starving — But Jesus said am the bread of life..
    I said — i am dehydrated — But Jesus said i am the living water..
    I said — i am going to die — But Jesus said i will raise you up…
    put this as a courage to everyone..

    Is by the spirit in you, that bringth the greatest in you.
    Is by the Lord hands we can be well secure and safe.
    Also is by his words and believe in your heart that bringth the knowledgeable formula for exploitation.
    Your force of expectation conquer the weak side in life, without Jesus Christ your fulfillment and achievement are no worthy in the path of lives exploitation.

    If you won’t forget the former things you’re not likely to know the new things that God is about to do.
    Your life should be directed to your future not the past because my act is for what that lies before me.
    Wake up and get into this freshness am talking about. it has to be by the enabling of the spirit of GOD. And when it comes and rests on your mentality, you become a man of sweat-less triumph and dignity among men. May it be so for you this hour!

    We’re base on to the fulfillment of our destiny we have our life, we’ve a mission to accomplish. Our lives can have meaning when we trust in the Lord and the mission can only be accomplish with his hand upon us. The privileged around us are pointer to the mission that God has ordained us to accomplish here on earth.
    The bible says that much is expected to whom much is given we must not disappoint God, he has loaded much into us.You’ve to believe in the principles of identity in that holds the earth without a mission to fulfill.
    Many things may be going apart and its very hard to make out a solution, You put it in prayers and immediately give yourself some quiet moment and time, you must have a genuine solution that will resurface into your memory and write it down clearly.
    The breath it out this Day’s is the reality that wake me up everyday.

    Your believe build ability in you according to your spiritual effort. it is not a means by physical strength that’s brings blessings. A patient of a man its never a form of stupidity but the appointed time in his believe that giveth him hope.
    The Almighty God, is a God for great things and A God who giveth prevailing principles for solutions bringing. He do not look down on anyone but see all equally with different capacity or capability and pronounce blesses. Who is above God Almighty and his judgement?

    God that disarms principalities and powers putting them in subjection with us standing and walking in total command Over them. They are no substitute for the ministry of the holy spirit in the school of divine wisdom or supernatural mentality.
    I am proud to say am bless, the Almighty God work in a mysterious ways and he had given me the ability for mental exploit.
    The means of great impact needs a lot of sacrifices to be made as an effort. The Lord giveth permanent sense of intelligence to help bringth forth increase for development around the communities. Does a child of God takes any bit of stress to be able to learn or to understand? Its the obligation for a Glorious person to be able without no given fact to learn and Understand what He/She desire’s, am happy to be among the blessed.
    A quiet time is the best moment for solution to resurface , remember your mind is the gate way to your life and success. Don’t give yourself that privilege of deformity.
    Many are the course of their problems today because they lack the means and courage to amend their fault nor error’s. Why is it very difficult for someone to succor when you already knew of the whole truth.? Who have ever said respect should only come from the juniors wants. Respect is reciprocal. Real mature-ness is the brain not age.
    Why is it hard to succor when you truly know how to make it elapse for many to have peace and rebuild themselves. How can someone identify a leader?. Does leadership comes only from an age person’s? They’re a lot of casualty that had been killing the judgement with bribing and selfishness.

    No crooked or perverse christian has future. Our future is directed by God Almighty , No matter how long there try to deny you of your right or delay your future all those shall comes to end and you’ll embrace the sweetest of the Holy one arms with love and success in the power of increase. It takes integrity to earn dignity. A man with integrity is a man of pronounce supernatural intelligence.
    The fear of Lord is what constantly puts you on your toes, the threat of men have no effect on those with the fruit of holiness. One striking insight you by the holy father worth much more in valve than a life time of struggles
    Its an obligation for children’s of God to be spiritually fit and outstanding in life. When the Almighty God giveth direction, it is the path for genuine purposes. We shouldn’t neglect the ways of God like the ways of men
    Thing have been changed for the better both spiritually and physically but him with mind for evil thought its blind to see it. Until you put your mind to rest you’ll always get fruitful reasons and it is the exercise of the mind that produces excellence. for i believe in blessings and behold of a blessings of supernatural abilities for greater exploits uses, as to produces fruitful meanings in lives. many years has passes and supernatural abilities increase. I’ve come to another year of increase for life expansion and age increase which was this January.
    Experiences have a pulling force of sensibility in a man’s life but only if, its had an impact to straighten your reasoning faculty. Failure’s’ i have never wish for to be attach on what am prevailing, don’t let failure’s take a hold in your mind and visually i have made it, in a clear open for those who takes a blessed names to turn into disgrace for them shall see the true reality of their excesses my clock is ticking and my mind is made up.
    God said He as a place for us to be the greatest among the greatest which the wickedness of men is killing it. He said ,He will set us up on high, above all the nation of the earth with blessings of uplifting. Bless God for your past achievement but don’t be tied down by it, there’s still a way forward, that experiences count like mine. Let your past achievement be a motivating force for many others, let it drive us on to greater knowledge to brushes out the anglophones problem and facing the income path when its fruitful and its been stable then it will be great to forth for federal system in the Zion’s

    In the world of mental excellence you’re expected to brave and have a good sense of humor. In the school of intelligence they’re levels and in that level they must be a genuine want , it is not each and everyone that like the road to be patient because it is the act of caution that drive you for what that is made for you without any stress. Those with genuine thought are never afraid of people with just words never put in actions. My main objectives not how long the struggle had been but where is the problem coming from.
    No one is above his expectation in life. it is by his grace you can meet up with the expectation in life and by that same grace we are expect to bring out the best solutions of thinking to make out ways in lives. A man who have surplus and can’t help or support a person his surplus is useless.
    When you take up an action let it be to the fit of your generation. The Lord directive are genuine and fruitful for exploitation. Its never a work of a man that upgrade expectation, its the pure-ness from your heart that fit into your expectation. I’ve produce courage on existent excesses to have a better ways by means to be handle in a systematic idea’s. I’ve loosed a lot of years in my education and I’ve brought forth gain solutions to the world that have to do with the horrible experiences encounter throughout the struggle in my life and reputation .what happened to my educational career it is something that justice must prevail for peace.

    What appears in them standard today for not act in time, very soon becomes substandard tomorrow. Anything negative is not worthy of a place in your memory banks, so kick away negative thought. All can see how we are working in the process for progress and some of us with conscience will not want such struggle with hatred and brutality to ever repeat itself again so we need to act and work to end this confusion in the minds of the populist in the nation. The Almighty God giveth the strength and ability to work forward in the path of increase. They are no relation in governmental laws because justice must always be prevail to show the respect of the laws in the nation. My hands and eyes are waiting.

    A man action determine on what lies before him. In the Lord all is expected to fulfill a great and prosperous obligation in life. Being righteous your expectation grows fruitful and restore what the Almighty God as made in you as a path you need to walk gloriously and blessed. When the lord bless you with something greater, men deny you make a prevailing means and when the call you illiterate boy or empty vessels the Almighty fill in abundant wisdom and supernatural intelligence that can never be compare among human race. I know what i want, may be others doesn’t know what they want. Now is the time for increase so that it may prevail…

    The Lord Almighty is a God of love the father who blessings to his children’s are real and genuine without any second thought. Humans are full of deceive and tricks.
    The blood of JESUS washes away all iniquities. A man can’t fight his own shadow. I’ve taken that bold steps to make things right in my life and whosoever is out there should stand and take the act of wiliness.

    Fear that is not from God is a worthless tools. The world is made up with bravery why do you have to act with fear which one day you’ll be no more. I gave my whole heart to seek and search out by wisdom concerning all things that are done under heaven.

    You can call forth supernatural insight in prayers. The words of God says you can ask for wisdom from God, if you lack it. This words is for the ministers in Cameroon mainly the prime minister they lack the ability to resolved issue that are in use of political means they should pray and ask God for divine wisdom because i like you all to start applying yourself to the exercise in the mind through fact-finding adventures and meditation. The difference comes from taping. The father in heaven is the father that bless his children’s with supernatural abilities that is never compare. The evil wants come with a fight with those he had blessed.

    The Lord giveth prevailing principles for human race exploitation. Your expectation is a building instrument and produce un-restandable atmosphere that others can’t stand to compare. I’ve made a heart desire today in my life which is the fruit guide to my future and the understanding for others to buy into the things in life for the Almighty God purposes..

    Everyone in life is looking forward in that path for great expectation. They is no one who do not have a dream when growing up. I’ll still say it, If you’re unable to put up your family in a good remark and betterment then stop trying to do so for outsiders because your great opponent is the one close to you. Have you ever stand before a person in such an angry mood? Do not take others words for stupidity or been a fool. All was created by the heavenly father, made to be righteous but has different principles to carry as an obligation. I’ve decided to follow legal procedure to correct others from their angry moon and mistake’s..

    Please can some really and sincerely explain the meaning of harassing. People had been harassing many others by given words of abuses in my life and reputation even in my quarter because of a case that had been long justify judicially and with constitutional laws, that is been denied by manipulation’s and bribing. I had never harassed anyone although am angry.
    Its not up to anyone arm’s to decide what the Almighty had prevailed. Its the way you handle things in your life, that will determining the life you will hold in future. Its take the best side in life to be able to exploit meaningful achievement. great things always need great sacrifice. its best to achieve, walking in a good path with a lot of faith and righteousness than walk your path crooking by chaining others means of achievement.
    Cameroon is been known as a peaceful nation with a lot of humanity and still maintain it virtue but underestimate the potential of a given talent.

    Good will follow whosoever wishes good. To be favor by God Almighty is not a curse but a pulling force of supernatural blessings. People are getting confused without knowing what to think or do. Oh how we need this supernatural mentality called divine wisdom as never before in this present situation in the nation. Everyone who operates in this realm of the Holy Spirit stands out among men. The Almighty God introduces Supernatural order to our mental faculty for best solution making..

    Peace comes from your inner self. We need to find that inner peace so as to bring resolution in this strike . Divine wisdom release creative abilities to our mentality that built the fruits of solution. When mounting pressure they is something reducing some where and the path reducing is stealing of our blessings which it is not from God. Divine wisdom never walk along the same path as pressure. The bible defines quietness as a virtue of great price and mental development in the path for peace and solution. The quits strike is it for betterment to our cry’s.We should prevail a sitting deadlock.

    Things are happening in many ways and its depend how its been handle before someone can really place if, it was settle well.My action are never having regretting mood ever because i always come up with complaints before action and since i was taken a direct deal through fax’s in Yaounde, it was played by crook saying there are from the prime minister office. I decided to handle my things my own way web news and social media into various nation offices for quick solution taking and making prevailing means. and into supernatural backing when the things you confronted most of time are beyond our natural capabilities.

    People shouldn’t rely only on their effort, there should also comment prayers and if there should had kindly listen to me such won’t had happened, they must be a way for any pressure. They action act, its the means to mount pressure to the anglophone populist. We’ll work out a way as the days goes by, be trustful and have faith. This is a way to mount pressure for the lead to forth others in the way for motivating the strike to fight tell finish so that there should forcefully answers to their demands. Lets be precise acting in the point for deadlock and to accept the needed path of the whole struggle. The Almighty God knows best.

    It is the believe in you that bringth out the real you. If the Lord blessing is upon you, who can be against you. My hands eyes and mind haven’t stop making forth efforts to reach out for the ways to prevail things been made to put the world into a better and forever correction.
    Who is out there, that doesn’t know it is wrong to jump into conclusion without proper finding. He/She that knows your worth is the one the despise you the most ..

    My situation was caused by envy in meme government and trick by the prime minister if you let your problem beat you down , you can never find reason to see what is before you.

    The Almighty God giveth supernatural uplifting to lead many into the good thing in life and the right path for future development in our communities. Our God is a God of excellence doing. jealousy form hatred. its still beat my mind with wondering the system in which things are happening around us. The Almighty God never wasted time to prevailed his precious love to his people and to whom that got a good conscience, The lord always bless.
    Where you are today may look amazing, but its not good enough for tomorrow because the enemies always look for opportunity to rise and fight when they is a means, stand firm with the Lord. This is the first time such have ever happen in the nation that were never drive with caution by the minister’s but been mouthing without no stand of fact-finding, people may take advantage of this years to come. If you pitch your tent to early you’ll loss relevance in no time, the step on issues which will not lead us any where by pretense .

    The Holy spirit sits upon our mentality as to bring forth everything around us, that will help us get to where were going. He giveth facts for us in concrete terms so that, We do not have to doubt where we’re going so therefore we should stand firm as to channel our problem to the right hands and with peace acknowledging in our sense of reasoning together than to apply such violence action of strike which will become as a means for bandits and the destroy of our properties.

    You can’t be operating with supernatural intelligence and not be great, we should be great as to apply wisdom. peace as to apply knowledge.Its not a hidden fact that the almighty God has his ways of directing his people. When the Lord prevail a given facts on a situation he want the children with righteousness to make out ways for peace and unity. We should settle our problem, it will be best to deadlock for the betterment of our children’s in the point to secure their educational career. people can learn from my experiences which had been guide by our lovely father the head of state he is a man of peace and if you channel with respect then you’ll be respected.

    Since the Almighty God is the only who giveth supernatural ability, man can’t taketh. The level of believe you have in the Lord is the true fit in your standard. it is nether in my power to decide on the things that comes naturally as to be prevailing to produce a re-standable knowledge for everyone to sit inn.
    I do not steal an award in any part of the world. It is by the Grace of God the bringth the abilities.

    When the Almighty God want to punish a person, He definitely make the person loss his mind . I’ve be silent thinking minister of communication will use his power and do proper finding. They is a act of treason among the people working in the government house in other zones like Yaounde. The is an anglophone problem which need to be brushes out.

    I’m very happy to see the Ghost town in kumba in such a different manner, its really shows they’re out to sake for resolution in this struggle, separation it’s not the best option but seeing into the problem is for the betterment of each and everyone , I’ve deny to let go to the case but to make justice prevail. God bless Cameroon.
    We should guide the nation constitution by putting it in action from a greater prospective. the head of state is maintaining constitution laws in the nation very high while its been played by trick by the head of government and Koulboul Aman given word in pretense that my case is over my case hasn’t end.

    The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is a pulling rock that can not be broken and is only a fool that kills himself, killing yourself means you’re selfish others take advantage for their act of frustration and disgrace to killed another man future like what is happening in the environment of asapngu nkiaka, which a young man name Charles m was paid by ayuk sunday some money to run deformity names in my reputation the government delegate victor ngoh nkele was called to the attend to clean OFF dirt in the water path at the bridge in between express union 1 and total filling station. What is the newly SDO doing about my un-prevail case..
    Mr Issa Bakary. What is the need proving stubborn and putting the country to war know-fully well they is a anglophone problem judgement time is near Because satellite is watching. The ways of God its not the ways of men. Each is born great and to serve our Lord Jesus Christ from the deepest in our heart, in his name we make right choice whenever we are been called to serve in the best of our knowledge. Its never been hidden that people in the nation are been making judicial laws from their our path of views without fact-finding.
    School have resumed in a pretense style .
    I won’t stop until my case is over as prevailed into the constitutions law in the nation.

    Its have come to a point where things in the nation are taken to long to be settle because of those thinking are potentials leaders without fruitful solution making. I blamed all the anglophone in government ministries for their act of denied so quick without applying caution or fact finding. Kumba have ghost town every Monday which is a act of disturbing.

    Hope it will not become a harm nor and act of destruction to put all the messages in social media and website throughout the world , it will be broadcast as a means of delay and corruption that had brought different channel of abuses in my reputation.
    Is only those that are smart enough will know that am trying to bury the past so that i can enjoy a great future with a prevailing justice in my life. Everything i put forth is for the future not the past and means of deformity had been repeated by the words destruction from people, if only the justice and ordered its been prevailed then any of that means shall be elapse, as it been ordered, The GCE board in Cameroon had wasted a lot of time on the prevailing of the case revenue . the GCE board is to come, to me so as everyone.
    We are precious to the father in heaven and in his love children will always be protected no matter the situations your facing. The almighty God giveth the abilities of straight and fruitful adjustment to secure what he preserve for us.

    What i understand by the head of state words is never separation but what had been beating me is how things have been taken in they means of denial. Does it mean the people around the president are hiding something which is coming up as a means of stubbornness for the release of those Jail and the INTERNET had been restore, The have their lack it was restored because Camtel supposed to be in court. My certificate case haven’t end.

    Ayuk Suday came to see the district commissioner in Kumba he was told by the district commissioner himself that in the mention of BETECK JACOB TAKOR “PETIT FESTON the president will quickly know who you are talking about because He refer to me like that then Ayuk Sunday ran in the quarter to make mockery of the name by putting it to disgrace and shame.
    They paid to play music to destroy and deform my reputation. First. Since the district commissioner called Ayuk suday that work in Guinness Cameroon Douala, who had been begging the district commissioner to look for a means to lock me up and send messages around to destroy my name because the districtcommisioner in meme told him of my mission and duties and the cause of writing messages as to fight for the prevail of the justice in certificate which the GCE board is the one responsible for the payment.

    Each and everyone has purpose to serve. Cameroon government is a government for delay and since people who were made minister and some others never dreams of been in such position lack the abilities to come up with concrete solution whenever its been needed. Let this sound well for those whom are ready to listen, let them pray that my case is over and everything is been given to me before there send back connection because i will use whatever connect i have to send they reality of things and there had restore the internet. What i saw those day’s was bad, people are suffering only to take their money in the bank.

    I’ll always be grateful to President Paul Biya for years fighting to make way in my life and for the secure of my certificates which was a deliberately act The head of state give me the way power to stand and prevail for what is right and to make success in the best of my knowledge. He really have fatherly love, be patient.
    My certificate case as to be prevail as ordered with governmental laws.

    What is the excess and extend to use means of shame and disgrace to brought enmity among others who wanted to be friends. Act of jealousy its a devilish act, it bring no gain but after effect. Do you know its easy to destroy than to build and desperate situation always need desperate solution.
    Who is Ferdinand nkiaka hidden from? Is his shadow or his sickness HIV or he price to pay as does to his excesses for him and asapngu asong for bringing condemn to the nation for the act which there prepare a mail send to the united nation for the condemn of my life and education and telling people i lost everything and awards. My case is unsettle.
    My case haven’t end.
    I had never got anything to do in offices in kumba.
    I’ll be the one after all have been given to decide on if i should go back to school but not in Cameroon for now. How come it was the day of the installation of the SDO for meme that my lovely cat was missing .
    They’re no family when it concern constitutional law in the government.

    God have given us the ability to make things work for good and to restore happiness to people lives through his ways of great teaching, we are at it.
    A person asked me if i die what will become of the decision from UN and the families in America, I told him for me its a murder because close to 8years now its had been from one rumors deformities to another which all was made for destruction of my reputation that was caused by the announcement of the fee to be pay for my certificate case. The day for the installation of the newly SDO for meme Ayuk Sunday daughter was in the visit in Ngoh Nkelle victor family.

    Can a person have sex with another person wife and asked to marry his daughter, that is what S.N.E.V Mukete grand son victor is doing to ayuk sunday and on that same day of the installation for the SDO Ayuk Suday daughter also visted S.N.E.V Mukete family. I ma an enemy to that family since Victor the Grandson came to burn down me in the house. S.N.E.V Mukete respect your age and mouth or I’ll forget about your age.

    Monono Humphrey The GCE board register in cameroon had at last trowed the bone for reality and friendship but taking enmity instead.I’ve beginning to ask question if Humphrey is not having something deep with the accuse person because everyone know her capable she is of deed.
    A vice principal saw me some days back, said look the delay Monono have brought which there had take a means to destroy my life and reputation. My certificate case is what that matters.

    Why did Bernard okalia happen to be in my dream some days ago . I saw them with police officers sitting and deliberating?. If there could take such a path with deformity rumors of insult then anyone involved should be prepare for an inner exposing. Monono ha’
    I had already spend a lot of years and it had be keeping me going. remember, is in the hands of the GCE board to elapse my certificate case by payment.
    The GCE board is wasting another year in my life.
    last week i send my last message in phone because its not a certificate case that happened for 9second or 9minute or 9hours or 9days or 9weeks or 9months, its had been 9 years and more to the fight for the certificates discovery which all the superiors in meme are fully involved even some members in the police. If the district commissioner for meme do not bring Ayuk sunday beteck and the wife to book then he leave me no choice to bring him.
    The GCE board is my target Monono knows.If the meme government isn’t ashamed shouldn’t had been trying to destroy my reputation. Anyone who is willing to fight don’t be ashamed, face me with your words then we shall see who will laugh last. Am putting a challenge of names in people phone’s him that is offended should stand or start a fight and stop making noise. Am prepare to stand who ever that will face me Nfon E.V Mukete your security man around the area i live is looking for a big trouble that it will be unable to fit your seat.
    I tried to make out life for myself by the help of the president. Nothing will ever shake me but put focus in whatsoever i want. The district commissioner clock is ticking.We’re surrounded with sunday ayuk contact and the real me as come. all in my quarter paid by ayuk sunday and the wife, all will be jail i promise you that or will never find peace. I am warning whosoever is been tighten others or using others luck should stop because native doctor can’t help anybody but JESUS Christ can.
    We should always sit down and deadlock.
    married Women around the environment of Ferdinand nkiaka married hold meetings for gossip, most of the married women had been given information how there can work on my certificate case the main deformity rumors are coming mostly are this neighborhood.
    Please parents your opinion count for the fruit and education for your kid’s. Send them back to school

    There should forget about the power install in me by the president and think about the world. I told them that I must send out my messages any year the release the internet. I’ll not only use power to find a way to come out from any prison but look for means to bring down that prison. My life and reputation had been destroyed by greedy and manipulation which the prime minister hands is inside. I’ve been begging to be jail (my heart).

    I want to call Minister of communication to kumba so that he should stop threaten the populist with words of power. The governor of N.W.P thank you star, You’re a coward and treason.
    Dear youth’s do not fight because you see others fighting let it be for the experiences you had encounter, fight by violence its not a means for correction but an act of destruction. Peace to the nation Cameroon.
    Parent don’t be afraid, they’re teachers waiting to teach send your children to school. our peaceful Cameroon is shaken do not let them destroy as there have destroyed my educational career.

    I’ve gone too deep to look for possible means and solution to my nation around the global but many called it the act of destruction. They said a man who thinks only to his own ware fare the person its not wealthy of the blessing of increase from the Almighty God , we must learn to send hands for the interest of others so that there can achieved from what we are best on/. I’ve lost a lot of year in education because of self pride but making impact in a lot of things by soliciting. I am trying to work through the path to correct some existent fault made by greedy fellows and corrupted minds my case haven’t end.

    How can a man goes to a native doctor and made a decree that until he died before you can be able to have what the Lord had prepared for you that he can not be alive and see his young brother have money more than him is that normal.

    This number had been given me a lot of problem stating that the government is a waste effort 652326331 and since the head of state had given a judicial order if can not be answered because our nation is corrupted . Who can put a sense in his head by telling him the whole truth of this effect. just this i got an insult saying i got no certificate that they are no prove and that the president is wasting his precious time but what i get from from the principal who is in position of the envelop stating it that, only if law and order it’s been respected as a point to hand the money to be paid before hand it to me so.

    Asangu ferdinand sickness is caused by his excesses which he refused to listen to advise from men and women of God and he send a mail to thye united nation about my educational standard he son said i lost it . If i loss it the prime minister in Cameroon should be prepare for something more greater than worse. America family had been calling the prime minister office.
    Some months back last year the district commissioner for meme invited Ayuk Sunday Beteck and wife. who gad been begging him to lock me, when the district commissioner told them is is not possible to locked me up and told them the kind of person i am and what i do and where the problem is coming from after the meeting them ran in my quarter pullentin quarter start given names of abused on me because of envy and shame.
    My fellow brother’s let me enlighten a little , the document of the plot was in Ayuk sunday names which half of the money that was given by our grand mother the gave me that document to sell and join it with part of my money for traveling when our mother died and it was sold sunday took the money, I tried to take the money but he gave me half under hard struggle and the rest to a native doctor call doctor Vega so that it can’t be of use to me first it was a call Paulin . Sunday Ayuk is the key destroyer in my life since in sanili company. No one ever think went it started to take an advance level exam Why” but now i cannot because it was played right from the GCE board
    Thanks for the time and may God bless Cameroon and may the Almighty God give us better reason to restore our nation to a better place. God bless us all. BETECK JACOB TAKOR ALSO KNOWN AS BETECK LESHIN JACOB TAKOR

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