Cameroon – Anglophone struggle: Kiki Bandy fires back at Mark Bareta “I am ready to hire an accountant in Belgium to audit Mark & Ivo’s bank accounts”

Written by Deckson N.

Earlier today, we posted a reply to by Mark Bareta, who was one of the interim leaders of the Consortium. A position Mark shared with Tapang Ivo, and now they are accused of using the struggle for their own financial benefits by some credible source including two newspapers namely The Horizon & The Voice Newspapers, and See the screenshots below.

As for, more details were given with facebook messenger screenshots, which made Mark Bareta to clear his name claiming “All innuendos mentioned on Kinnaka‚Äôs blog are a well sponsored calculated move to smear Ivo and Mark so that we become weak and leave the struggle.? he said.

Kiki Bandy, the CEO of Kinnaka’s Blog, decided to clear her own air too. Below is what she wrote on her Facebook Wall:

Because of ardent KB readers, I feel obliged to clear the air…

The sole foundation of my report (link below) is based on the screenshots and they are nothing but AUTHENTIC. Unfortunately as an independent blogger, I can’t name my sources or tell you how I got them (the truth should be more important than the source).

For investigative journalism purposes, lets judge the facts as per the screenshots, the bulk of the conversation on one of the screenshots happened on Tuesday April 2 around 9:45 PM (Belgian time).

Please ask Mark to provide screenshots of his conversation with Ivo between the hour of 21:00 to 22.:00 PM on tuesday the 2nd of april. Obviously if deleted the conversation between this hour won’t exist. If it does exist let him provide the screenshot for exactly 9:43 PM (Obviously it won’t exist).

Next question is, did Mark get visitors from Essen that evening? The next question is, does Mark and Ivo have a mutual freind in Cameroon by name Derick? And does Derick know Mancho’s girl freind? Next question is, do we have someone by the name of Daniel at the Cameroon embassy in Belgium? If you get the answers to these questions, you will be able to know if these screenshots are true or false.

Lastly, I am ready to hire an accountant in Belgium to audit Mark’s bank accounts and in the USA to audit Ivo’s bank accounts. They can make things easy for everyone by providing legit BOOKS, accounting for all the money they have collected from the people of Southern Cameroons.

Typing a few lines on Facebook and calling me names wouldn’t make the cut! I challenge Mark and Ivo to publish a balance sheet audited by an independent account which I am ready to pay for. If they came out clean, I will apologize to them and DELETE Kinnaka’s Blog, to end my career as a blogger.

English Speaking Cameroonians are in a vulnerable situation and it is sickening to watch people take advantage of the situation.

As a blogger all I can do is put information out there. Whatever you do with it or how your interpret it, is up to you.

All my love

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