Top 5 African presidents come to power with less than 39 years of age

Written by Gisele Alba

Since Macron’s accession to power in France, public opinion has become more interested in his age. K’mer SAGA makes a comeback in the history of the black continent, and offers you the top 5 presidents, having come to power at a relatively younger age.

Omar Bongo: 32-year old

He is the second Gabonese president. Omar Bongo was born on December 30, 1935, and died in 2009 in Spain. He came to power on 2 December 1967 to replace Leon Mba. He was then only 32-year old. Omar Bongo headed Gabon until his death on 8 June 2009 in Barcelona. His son Ali Bongo, succeeded to this post.

Thomas Sankara: 34 years

Known as a revolutionary president, he ruled the Upper Volta that became in 1984 the Burkina Faso for only 4 years. Thomas Sankara was born in 1949. He came to power by a military coup in 1983. He was then 34 years old. Sankara was assassinated in 1987, at 38 years.

Ahmadou Ahidjo: 35 years

He is the first president of Cameroon. He was in charge of opening the ball of independence in francophone Africa in the 60s. Born one evening in 1924, Amadou Ahidjo was Prime Minister of Cameroon in 1959, at 35 years. A year later, he became the first president of Cameroon, after the proclamation of independence. He handed power in 1984 to Paul Biya, the current president to this post until today.

Muammar Gaddafi: 27 years

The Libyan leader was born on June 19, 1942, and died, following an assassination in 2011. He ruled throughout Libya and is one of the richest rulers on the planet. He came to power after a revolution in 1969, when he was only 27-year old.

Joseph Kabila: 30 years

The current president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, was born in June 1971. He became president of the republic just after the death of his father, Laurent Désiré Kabila, in 2001, only 30-year old. Joseph Kabila is currently 45-year old, and is still in power.

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