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Ghana freemasonry accuses Nollywood of assimilating them to bad guys

Written by Gisele Alba

Nana Osae Nyangpong, grand master of the Grand Lodge of Freemasonry in Ghana, is in great anger. He recently attacked the Nigerian Movie industry, accusing them of wanting to stick a very bad reputation to the Grand Lodge of Ghana.

In a recent interview with Kofi Adomsh of Adom TV, Nana said that Nollywood is responsible for defaming them, and makes the world in general perceive the organization as a bad secret society. He bases himself, according to him, on the scenarios that make them pass for baddies in films.

Nollywood has messed us a lot and created a bad reputation around the world, because of the nature of the scenarios used to portray what we are doing as an organization. The types of stories told by Nollywood are just shocking and do not represent what we are, “he said angrily ..

The grand master also lambasted this label that Nollywood wants to stick to the Freemasonry of Ghana. According to Nana, the films make people believe that the great masters possess spiritual powers and that their members commit human sacrifices or horrible rituals to be rich.

He insisted, however, that Freemasonry is a society whose goal is to promote fraternal love, assistance and truth.

Freemasonry is a Grand International Lodge, simply known as the fraternity which was first formed in London in 1717 and which has great adhesions throughout the world.

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