Cameroon – 20th May 2017: Jacques Fame Ndongo reacts to the SDF

Written by Deckson N.

For the communication secretary of the Central Committee of the CPDM, this is hardly a glorious fact, insofar as the National Day celebration belongs to all citizens.

The decision by the Social Democratic Front (SDF) to boycott the National Day parade on May 20 throughout the territory in view of the current crisis in the English-speaking Regions continues to make vaques in both the cottages and in the political world.

Reacting to the decision of Ni John Fru Ndi, Jacques Fame Ndongo believes that each political party has the right to express its opinions in a democratic country. And the SDF carries, alone, responsibility for this vision that is theirs.

But a Republic has sacred principles, which any party which wishes to be a republican must respect scrupulously. I do not know that a call to boycott the National Day (which is not the feast of a political regime or a ruling party) is a political feat to be put to the support of a party, Whatever it is, “said Jacques Fame Ndongo, interviewed by Cameroon Tribune on Wednesday.

It is enough to re-read the history of nations or political institutions to see that this is a glorious war, insofar as the National Day belongs to all citizens, including those who decide to boycott for reasons of their own. Moreover, the national day is about a major event in the life of our nation (referendum of May 20, 1972 having consecrated the historic advent of the unitary state), “he added.

For the Communication Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPDM, “each party has the freedom to express its opinions freely, in Cameroon, the militants of the CPDM, republican party, will parade with enthusiasm and patriotic ardor throughout the territory, On 20 May 2017, as usual, without prejudice to the watchwords of any particular political group. They will thus express, with patriotism, their unwavering attachment to the constitutional principles mentioned above: democracy, sovereignty, national unity “.

Fame Ndongo explains that the National Day does not belong to any political party. It is the prerogative of all the citizens of the Republic. And no one knows that “national sovereignty belongs to the Cameroonian people, which it exercises either through the intermediary of the President of the Republic and members of Parliament or by referendum“. (Article 2, paragraph 1, of the Constitution).

Ultimately, “it’s free for a party to boycott the National Day and ensure its choice. Other parties will parade. And they will be many. Let us remember the famous phrase of President Paul Biya: “We will pass. Cameroon will remain. ” The National Day is Cameroon in its splendor and flamboyance.

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