Cameroon – Customs: Cameroon Customs prepares to use “Sydonia World”

Cameroon Customs
Written by Deckson N.

Cameroon Customs is planning to switch its Automated Customs System (Syndonia ++) from a regional scale to a global one. This is what emerges from a hearing on the restitution of the work of a team of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), which met with the Director General of Customs, Fongod Edwin Nuvaga, on 5 May in Douala.

Jean Marc Benoit and Guiseppe Di Capuan, the two UNCTAD experts, explained to the Conceptual and Operational Officers of the Directorate General of Customs, the modalities of the changeover to the Customs information from the Sydonia ++, to a more improved version, the Sydonia World. From their presentations of the offer, it is clear that more than 70 countries around the world use the Sydonia World version, including 12 from the WCO’s West and Central Africa Region.

In the same region, it has come that 04 countries have been using Sydonia for 10 years, including Cameroon. With the increase in trade flows and the performance requirements of customs administrations, it is imperative, according to UNCTAD experts, to switch to Sydonia World, which has a niche of advantages and features.

The general advantages of Sydonia World are: full implementation of customs operations, enhanced regulation, automated, accurate and real-time production of statistics, standardization and standardization based on the recommendations of international organizations (ISO, WTO And MDGs).

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