Cameroon – 2018 Presidential Elections: Already 11 declared candidates.

Written by Deckson N.

Among the candidates declared virtual, are young wolves obviously contaminated by the Macron effect in France.

The newspaper Sans détour published on May 8, 2017 said it counted 11 contenders in the 2018 presidential election in Cameroon. On April 26, Jean Blaise Ngwet, a Cameroonian representative of a brand of electronic products, and President of the Patriotic Movement for Change of Cameroon (Mouvement patriotique pour le changement du Cameroun – MPCC), announced his candidacy for the up coming presidential election in Cameroon.

Corentin Talla, for his part, marked his visit to the former university of Yaounde during the years of embers in the 90s. After 23 years of absence from the national territory, he has just announced his return back to the country, through his candidature for the next presidential election.

In a video aired on You Tube last January, the famous Cameroonian comedian Dieudonné Balla, who lives in France, also declared his willingness to run for the presidency of the republic when the time comes. He had justified his desire to run for the presidency of the republic of his country of origin as an “act of self-defense“, following the banning of certain of his shows in France by the socialist government of Manuel Valls, for passages judged anti-Semitic and xenophobic in some of his texts.

Cabral Libii Li Ngué, was until then known as a brilliant panellist of television channels in Cameroon, where he illuminated the debates of his clairvoyance and his sparkling intelligence. For a few weeks, a message posted on his Facebook page made him a candidate for the next presidential election.

According to the newspaper, Messanga Nyamding the “biyaiste (partisan of Biya)” wants to replace Biya. He himself had unveiled himself during his passage on the successful show on Canal 2 internationalL’arène“, his willingness to replace the head of state, but only in case of an incapacity of President Paul Biya to run for that election.

Bernard Njonga, an agricultural engineer, former president of the Association for the Defense of Consumers’ Interests, a civil society organization (ACDIC), which he led for more than 10 years, has consistently shown that the Cameroonian people do not deserve the misery that overwhelms them today, we read.

Garga Haman Adji, is one of the first to declare since September 2016 his candidacy for the next presidential election. He was also after the national convention of his party, the Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD).

MaïGari Bello Bouba is one of the regulars of the presidential election since the return to multiparty. In spite of a constantly decreasing rating, the national president of the National Union for Democracy and Progress (NUDP) believes he has found a reason for his personal survival in his participation in the presidential poll, according to observers.

Maurice Kamto is described by the newspaper as a scaring opponent to the regime. Although he has never declared himself a candidate for the next presidential election, no one in the political milieu can refute to the national president of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) his desire to run for the next presidential election.

Faced with the agitation that comes alive around his chair, Paul Biya, in well-known political sphinx, remains a platonic marble. If the current president does not make any statement about his political future, preferring to dedicate himself to the magisterium entrusted to him by the sovereign people in 2011, nobody on the contrary in the political sphere lends him the intention to abdicate, even if Messanga Nyamding imagines the hypothesis of his renunciation of power, “the paper said.

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