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USA – Health: Researchers cure AIDS from lab mice. What hope for man?

Written by Deckson N.

There are still 36.7 million people around the world who are infected with the AIDS virus. This disease, which poses as one of the most dangerous on earth, has so far not received a full course of treatment. Every year, hopes from laboratories are stated, but the virus is still resistant.

The American press has just announced a new hope. A team of researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia (USA) managed to eliminate the AIDS virus from the body of laboratory mice to whom they had inoculated it. After several years of work, the researchers published the results of their study, last Wednesday, in the scientific journal Molecular Therapy.

But how did the researchers succeed in definitively extracting the AIDS virus from the mice? Using a genome editing tool, the CRISPR, a kind of mini-genetic scissors that cut and modify DNA by replacing the defective part with a new one.

A working hypothesis is rather “interesting in that it seeks to use this technique of genomic editing to succeed in removing HIV from the DNA of the infected cell“.

Good news, because so far, AIDS has still not found a cure. And the WHO suggests that only triple therapy, to be taken for life, can help people infected to live with the virus. But with this method set up by these researchers, working directly on the DNA of mice, we learn that “this tool could allow in several years to develop treatments of several genetic diseases, which are today incurable “. And yet, “improve” DNA in humans and create “super-babies” with a high IQ, and very strengthened physical forces.

If they were to succeed, this research would provide great relief, not only to the entire research community but also, and above all, to humanity as a whole.

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