Cameroon – Forestry: The World Bank and Cameroon have already invested CFAF 638 million in the development of the Ngoyla Wildlife Reserve

Written by Deckson N.

During the regional workshop to validate the Ngoyla Wildlife Reserve Management Plan, chaired by Grégoire Mvongo, Governor of the Eastern Region on May 2, the press learned that the World Bank (WB) And the State of Cameroon, have already invested CFAF 638.39 million in the implementation of the eponymous project since 2013.

During the same workshop, it was learned that these were the first financing of a total amount of US $5,772,500, of which US $3.5 million (about CFAF 2 billion) from the World Bank and 2,073 million US dollars (just over one billion FCFA) from the Cameroonian government.

In detail, CFAF 130.842 million has already been invested in the financing of the 43 micro-projects for the benefit of 667 people in the income-generating activities of the agropastoral, fish and beekeeping sectors. CFAF 324.42 million was allocated to the construction of basic infrastructure (community home for the Baka, social housing, human wells and classrooms). And finally, since 2014, the project has provided financial support of CFAF 183.11 million to the Ngoyla reserve itself.

This reserve covers a total area of 156,672 ha in which 4076 people live, including 572 Baka pygmies. The protected area contains approximately 39 species of large and medium-sized mammals, including 1,727 great apes and 12,331 duikers. Between 2011 and 2015, the number of elephants decreased from 742 to 123.

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