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France: A lady hides the body of her mother in a well for 8 years. The reason will surprise you.

Written by Deckson N.

In France, more precisely in the commune of Erckartswiller, in Alsace, something happened. And for a good reason, a woman hid her mother’s corpse, in order to continue to receive her pension benefits. The fifty-year-old woman found no better than hiding her mother’s corpse for eight years in a well.

She was charged, after the gendarmes of the research brigade of Saverne discovered in a sump, located in the garage of a house, the body of the old lady who was missing. The house where the discovery was made is where the old lady’s daughter lived, with her husband.

The discovery was made a few weeks ago after two days of searches of the gendarmes of the research brigade of Saverne. The absence of the septuagenarian had hardly been noticed by the neighborhood, thinking she had gone into a retirement home. Nevertheless, some neighbors continued to ask questions, which triggered the investigations of the gendarmes.

The accused, who is about 50-year old, is the author of the vile act. She was charged for hiding her mother’s body for eight years for the sole purpose of continuing to receive her pension.

Arrested, the accused argues that, her mother died naturally. To believe this version, the corpse still had to be autopsied.

When was the old woman dead? It is this question that her daughter is still unable to answer the investigating gendarmes.

The investigators detained her for two days. She was indicted for “fraud“, but she is left free under judicial control. As for her husband, the owner of the house, he was heard as an assisting witness

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