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Cameroon – Rigobert Song speaks about his life after returning to Cameroon: “I continue to do sports. I am in rehabilitation three times a week “

Written by Deckson N.

The coach of the A’ Lions returned to Cameroon on April 1 after a medical stay in France following a stroke is ready to lead Cameroon to the next African Nations Championship of Football.

In an interview with the national daily Cameroon Tribune after a hearing at the Ministry of Sports last Friday, Rigobert Song said he plans to organize a training course this May.

What was the purpose of your visit to the Minister of Sports and Physical Education?

This was my first visit since my return. I came to him to express my gratitude, because I learned that he was in Paris when I was in the hospital. At that moment, I was in a position where I could not know anything. I had to return and say thank you. Thanks also to all members of the sports movement. He was one of the people I absolutely had to see because he is the representative of a very large community. He is like a father of a family. It was therefore absolutely necessary that I should come to meet him. This visit allowed me to recall that I am active, since the doctors have authorized me to resume my activities. There is the CHAN that will resume … We had to talk about it.

The coach is back. How is his life in Cameroon since April 1st?

I continue to do sports. I am in rehabilitation three times a week. This allows me to recover muscularly. The doctors advised me to be careful with all that is salt, avoid a lot of oil. They grant me to eat everything anyway. I went out thanks to God, without sequels. I have the grace to remember past things. There are things I see differently today. It’s true that it was very serious.


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