Cameroon – Brussels Scandal: One month after the Scandal, results of the investigation still not available?

Written by Deckson N.

More than 30 days after the hearings of the officials of the indomitable Lions, the Cameroonian Football Federation and the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education at the Judicial Police (JP), there’s still nothing clear. The government which had ordered the famous inquiry with the intention of finding the causes of the scandal of Brussels in order to apply sanctions, was immured in a disconcerting silence.

The Brussels Scandal is now ancient history! It’s from the past! No one dares to talk about the scandal of the scandals that shook the lair of the indomitable Lions last March under the sky of Belgium. While the people are thirsty for answers and clarifications, this melodrama is no longer clearly on the agenda in the priorities of the Yaounde power. The prescribed inquiry, we were told, by the highest hierarchy of the country, seems to have met the same fate as the many preceding ones: a closed case. Loud noise and then nothing. This case, brought to the attention of the high authorities of the Republic, had nevertheless created a shake in the football sphere of the country of Christian Bassogog.

A wave of Hearings at the JP

First of all, there was this famous crisis meeting convened by the Minister of Sports under the watchful eye of certain high-ranking police and the national gendarmerie officers and sanctioned by flat apologies from Hugo Broos to the Cameroonian people and his employers. Then the auditions continued to the Regional Delegation of the Judicial Police (RDJP) of Yaoundé. After telling the story of the scandalous affair that damaged the image of Cameroon abroad, the national coach who had lit the wick and all his staff presented as alleged guilty, answered the questions of the murderous purposes Of the JP. After being heard, Tombi A Roko, André Nguidjol Nlend, General Coordinator of the National Football Teams and Issa, Accounting Officer of the Ministry of Finance who acted as Steward, Alphonse Tchami, Team Manager, William Ngatchou, of the medical staff, as well as Vincent de Paul Atangana, the Team press officer whose end of the adventure was announced with the five champions of Africa, are no longer in the limelight.

Shattering revelations

If we now look keenly, the Tsunami, which was announced in fanfare with a bonus, heads that were to fall, were therefore a common storm in a glass of water. Broos has done his mea-culpa; Oyongo Bitolo confessed that his words went farther than his thought; The FECAFOOT and the MINSEP have resumed their idyll of love and reason to the point where the eyes are now turned towards the next Lions training course scheduled for May 28th. Brussels and Broos’ shattering revelations around the bruising management of the national 11, the business of the unpaid restaurant bill of the Parker hotel and the whole series of flops that have fed the stay of felines on Belgian territory, seem to no longer appear in the shirt of Priorities.

More than 30 days later, we are still waiting. The silence in which the summit of the State has taken demonstrates the fate which was finally reserved for the report of this inquiry. Did those who had prescribed this approach bother to go through the results of the inquiry from start to finish? Did it flourish or was it stowed away in the drawers like the investigation into the defeat of Cameroon at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil? No one knows.

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