Gabon – CEEAC: In the event of a natural disaster, the Ceeac is now able to mobilize a response team in 24h

Written by Deckson N.

Since April 25, representatives of the eleven countries (Gabon, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, DR Congo, etc.) of the Economic Community of Central African States (Ceeac) have been working in Libreville on the problem of threats from multiple Disasters related to natural phenomena and how to deal with them when necessary.

Referring to the Libreville meeting, Lambert-Noël Matha, the Gabonese Interior Minister, said that preventive measures are better than so-called curative ones. Before continuing that Gabon had fully realized that all the disasters that sow desolation in the world do not come only to the others.

In the same vein, Marie Thérèse Chantal Mfoula, deputy secretary-general of Ceeac, said that Gabon, like other countries in the subregion, as well as the rest of the world, was exposed to the threats of Multiple disasters related to natural phenomena such as landslides, floods and high winds that cause many destruction and epidemics.

Marie Thérèse Chantal Mfoula nevertheless reassured that Ceeac, by its current policy, is able to mobilize a team in 24 hours in case of disaster. For her, this is the result of a multidisciplinary synergy on disaster management.

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