Would beer increase maternal milk production?

Written by Deckson N.

Many women argue that Beaufort is a potent lactation stimulant. Is this really true?

Do not be surprised to see a woman who has just given birth, greedily swallow a bottle of beer, preferably the Beaufort brand. Women are convinced that this alcoholic beverage stimulates their mammary glands.

They therefore rely on the Beaufort to feed their baby generously. We do not know where this pseudo-science actually comes from.

Alcohol is rather harmful to the baby. If a woman wants to drink a beer, let her do it, without saying stupid things like she will produce more milk, “says Dr Jean-Louis Abena, general practitioner.

A point of view also supported by a gynecological obstetrician.

The Leche League France, an association for breastfeeding support, states on its website that

the amount of milk produced by breasts depends on the frequency of feedings and the effectiveness of sucking the baby.

It reads that when the baby is in the breast, its suction causes the release by the pituitary of two hormones: oxytocin and prolactin.

It is by giving breast to demand that you allow your body to automatically produce the volume of milk that meets the needs of your baby.”

Add to that, a good diet and the trick is played. You don’t therefore need Beaufort to produce milk.

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