Cameroon – Advocacy: The CDU wants the Nun Division to become a Region!

Written by Deckson N.

The parliamentarians of this political party organized a press conference on 17 March 2017 at the Hotel des Députés in Yaoundé. Hermine Ndam Njoya, the spokesman for the MPs of this political group, speaks of an injustice done to the Nun.

The political party of Ndam Njoya wants the Nun Division in the Western Region to become a Region. This plea was presented by parliamentarians of this political formation at a press conference. It was held at the Hotel des Députés in Yaoundé in the Central Region. It was on March 17, 2017. The newspaper Le Jour, published on 21 March 2017, also relays this information, reports that the Cameroonian Democratic Union (CDU) considers the Noun as an injustice. Since it is made up of three quarters of the population of the Western Region.

The MP of the CDU pointed out that the situation is not without consequence for the young people and the populations of the Nun.

Tomaino Hermine Ndam Njoya, the spokesman for the MPs of CDU, declared that

at the outset there were two Regions in the West: the Bamileke Region, whose chief town was Dschang and the Bamoun Region, whose headquarter was Foumban. Today we find ourselves with a Region of eight divisions: the former Bamileke Region displays seven divisions and the former Bamoun Region one division“.

Added to this argumentation Hermine Ndam Njoya noted that the Nun is even larger than the seven divisions of the Bamileke Region.

The populations live these situations as an injustice, as a bully, the only solution is to erect this division in the Region or to find any other formula analyzing in the transformation of the current districts into divisions for justice, Equity, the development of populations and the remoteness of growing causes of resentment are most detrimental to national construction, “she said.

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