Cameroon – Pierre Lechantre: Former coach of the Indomitable Lions reveals a story where Rigobert Song accused Raymond Kalla of being over 40 years old in the year 2000

Written by Deckson N.

Pierre Lechantre made disgusting revelations.

Here is a secret locker room that has caused verbal diarrhea in football circles since the beginning of this weekend. Guest of “Le Vestiaire” a broadcast of SFR sport broadcast in France, Pierre Lechantre, coach of the national team of Cameroon football between 1998 and 2000, made a revelation that exposed a dark secret locker room of the indomitable Lions ff Cameroon.

When I was with this team, there was no conversation to avoid. The only thing to avoid was age, because the African player generally tends to have a few more years. I had a central defender called Raymond Kalla, who was a mountain, 1m95 and was already a little tired eh! He was already at the end of career with me. He was already approaching 40 years. One day we had a conversation about his age. Rigo (Rigobert Song Bahanag , ed.) said to him: “Baaah you will not tell me that you have 35 – 32, you have at least 40 years and a little more.” All of a sudden, Kalla began to get excited. And Rigo added: “I remember the age you have. I was a ball picker when you were already a player. ” They got angry and they did not talk to each other because of this story, “revealed the French technician, African champion 2000 with a team presented as the generation of indomitable Lions. Raymond Kalla is now officially 42-year old.

During the exchange on the set of this program, Pierre Lechantre who also trained in other African countries, notably the selections of Mali and Congo, brought to the surface the problematic on the real ages of the African footballers revealing Unorthodox practices on the reduction of the ages of young footballers of the contains.

In the audio excerpt below, let’s listen to Pierre Lechantre’s statement, which is now worth a fairly sharp criticism from a good part of the Cameroonian people:

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