Cameroon – Lions Victory: Excess Celebration Leading to Deaths and Injuries

Written by Deckson N.
Jubilant Cameroonians took to the streets late Sunday to celebrate the victory of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon. Major streets were jammed with celebrants dancing, singing and chanting songs ‘Dans La Sauce’.

The long night of celebration was frenzy but same time unfortunate to some persons who lost their lives and several others sustained injuries.

One death was recorded at the Deido District Hospital where report says he was killed by his friend following a quarrel before the match.

Emergency wards in Lanquintini and Deido District Hospitals were jammed with patients with wounded legs, hands, mouths and heads.

According to medics in the different hospitals, the accidents occurred as a result of excess drinking, excess celebration and the chaotic nature in which the celebrations were ongoing with some youths blocking roads making circulation impassable.

The National Electricity Distributing Company, ENEO was forced to switch lights off to calm down the celebrations, the blackouts forced some persons to go back home.

Via CIN by Wilson Musa

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