Cameroon – Anglophone Problem: Politician Jean Jacques Ekindi for a return of the school “as soon as possible”

Written by Deckson N.

The General Coordinator of the Progressive Movement (MP), launched this appeal on January 31, 2017 in Douala, on the occasion of the presentation of New Year wishes by the executives of this political formation to their leader.

The party believes, through the voice of its leader, that the situation must be resolved through dialogue, a “republican dialogue” for the success of which everyone must put his own. What the party hopes for? Discussions on the current problem, organized in a “fraternal debate, open, inclusive within the framework of the institutions of the Republic“, reports Cameroon Tribune edition of Wednesday 1 February.

Because we know that peace and concord are invaluable, because we know that social movements always take singular forms that no one is in control of … we have the imperative duty to preserve Cameroon and the Cameroonians of any drift, “added Jean Jacques Ekindi, in the presence of the presidents of party federations, militants and sympathizers.

On another level, Jean-Jacques Ekindi announced, for 2017, the organization of the ordinary convention of the party. “After many vicissitudes, this year we will hold the ordinary convention of our party, the Progressive Movement. Let everyone prepare for it, “he said.

Responding a little later to a question from the press about the possible date of the event, Jean-Jacques Ekindi indicated that it was not yet formally arrested, nevertheless situating this convention towards the end of 2017 , According to the government daily.

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