Cameroon – Donations: Where do the funds that finance the “gifts” offered by Paul Biya come from?

Written by Deckson N.

The fresh news is that relating to the 40 million FCFA, described as “sign of recognition“, which President Paul Biya has just unblocked for the benefit of Gabriel Ebili. This radio technician retired from the CRTV, having contributed to the failure of the coup of 6 April 1984.

The Daily newspaper Economie of January 31, 2017, tries to understand how Paul Biya finances what the apparatchiks of the regime generally present like “presidential gifts“. We still have in mind the 75 billion for Chinese computers offered to 500,000 students in Cameroon in 2016, 100 million for victims in the east in 2012, 1.9 billion for the victims of Boko Haram in 2016, etc. . These are amounts of money released by the head of state as “humanitarian“.

For the newspaper, The most recent news is that concerning the “40 million CFA francs, described as” sign of recognition “, which President Paul Biya has just unblocked for the benefit of Gabriel Ebili. This radio technician retired from the CRTV, presented as one of the heroes who contributed to the failure of the coup of April 6, 1984, circumscribing the radio message of the putschists to the only city of Yaounde. Action that has prevented mercenaries supposedly stationed in other regions of Cameroon from taking effect if the message of the putschists had been broadcast on the whole network of the national radio station of Cameroon “, one reads.

On 30 January 2017, moreover, the national bilingual daily newspaper reported that it was the head of state who “ordered the release of 40 million francs to be used for the construction of a house for the hero of 6 April 1984 “. The blur persists on the budget line that has been used. “For nowhere in the 2017 budget of the Presidency of the Republic (48 billion FCFA), for example, there are no headings relating to the ” hero of 6 April 1984 “. Another example of misuse of the word “donation”: 500,000 Chinese computers for as many Cameroonian students for the academic year 2016-2017, “the newspaper said.

Paul Biya also ordered the medical evacuation of the ex-captain of the indomitable Lions, Rigobert Song, victim of an aneurysm rupture in October 2016. On October 4, the Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma, declared that the president ordered the evacuation in France, “with the means of the State” of Cameroon, of the former footballer.

Also, in April 2016, Paul Biya ordered the release of 1.9 billion CFA francs in favor of thousands of people suffering in the Far North region. Just like a “donation” of 100 million FCFA granted in 2012 to alleviate flood victims due to the heavy rains in Doumé in the Haut-Nyong division.

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