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World – António Guterres, SG of the UN: “Africa is doubly victim of colonialism”

Written by Deckson N.

 António Guterres, the new secretary-general of the UN (67-year old), believes that Africa must be reconsidered in the UN bodies and in particular in the Security Council.

The system of democratic governance at the global level does not exist. Africa is doubly a victim of colonialism. First, it is a direct victim of colonization and its consequences throughout the continent. Secondly, because the current system of global governance was essentially conceived before African countries gained independence – I speak with full knowledge of the facts, since my country was the worst in this field “, he suggested Sunday in an interview with Jeune Afrique in Addis Ababa where he takes part in his first summit of the African Union (AU).

This applies to the United Nations and the Security Council, but also to international financial institutions and the management of world trade. Africa has to a large extent been marginalized in this process, and today has a role far below the actual weight it represents in the international community. This is a very serious issue, “he added.

It must be said that, until now, African countries are members of the UN Security Council only as non-permanent members. The Security Council is currently composed of 15 members, including 5 permanent members: China, the United States of America, the Russian Federation, France and the United Kingdom, and 10 members elected by the General Assembly for a two-year term (2017), Ukraine (2017), Uruguay (2017), Ukraine (2017), Ukraine (2017), United States of America.

Cameroon was elected as a member of the UN Security Council twice: 1974-1975 and 2002-2003.

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