Cameroon – Tribute: Paul Biya awaited at the funeral of General Jacob Kodji

Written by Deckson N.

The Head of State should also award a third star to the deceased General.

Everyone wonders whether the President of the Republic Paul Biya will attend the funeral of General Jacob Kodji, whose military honors are announced for 3 February 2017 at the military headquarters of Yaounde. According to L’œil du Sahel published on January 30, 217, since the beginning of the war against the terrorist sect Boko Haram, Paul Biya never went to the Far North. However, it was he who declared this war in Paris on May 17, 2014. “This time, it is a unique case in the annals of the Cameroonian army: The death of one of his Generals at the front” , The paper said.

The newspaper recalled that General Jacob Kodji died in the night of 20 January 2017 in the company of Colonel Alphonse Nkameni and Lieutenants Tchinda and Soulouka in the crash of an army helicopter in Madida, Far North of the country.

In addition to being the first officer of that rank to die at the front, Brigadier General Jacob Kodji incarnated his mission with great will. He also reconciled the army with the people, because in the framework of the popular defense, army and population must be one. This mission which had not been won beforehand, he filled it with mastery. On the military plane, he showed that he was a field general, always close to his men and in the service of the nation. The country owes him a proud candle. The President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, can not escape this symbolic gesture, “says Alifa, a teacher in Maroua.

According to some sources, Paul Biya should break his posture as a politician who is known as “cold and insensitive, to whom no circumstance dictates a particular agenda“, and to attend the military honors due to General Jacob Kodji. “Let him come, let the Head of State come.” Through him, it will be the whole country that will show its gratitude to General Jacob Kodji. This man deserves this homage. The fact that Paul Biya is not customary in these ceremonies will further demonstrate how great his sacrifice for our country has been, “said Amadou, who left from Bertoua in the eastern region of the country, to attend the funeral.

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