Cameroon – Anglophone Problem: Incarnated by Cardinal Tumi, the Catholic church takes her stand!

Written by Deckson N.

In his last declarations, on a French radio, Cardinal Christian Tumi, – as was to be expected – did not call for the end of violence or even on the Large majority of the population who do not share the vigils of partition of Cameroon, advocated by a group of extremists.

The 86-year-old cardinal called neither for the “construction” of national unity nor for the gathering, in the sense of the African and Cameroonian tradition, of which he is presented as one of the guarantors.

Extract: “the majority of anglophones want to return to federalism not to the Secession,” says the first cardinal of Cameroon without relying on a single report or a study.

Consequently, for a good part of the local press, by his “incendiary” declarations, the Cameroonian prelate of the Anglophone party, radicalizes the positions and further aggravates the conflict in a country where the gap between Francophones and Anglophones is increasing every day.

For another part of the press, Tumi has “dropped the mask“.

Who loves Cameroon more than who“? Asked Christian Tumi, in a tone that hardly masks his rapprochement with the secessionist group that he is suspected of supporting and which paralyzes economic activity in the English-speaking regions.

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