Cameroon – Trade: According to CEEAC, Central Africa imported $ 50 billion in 2015

According to ECCAS, Central Africa imported $ 50 billion in 2015
Written by Deckson N.

In 2015, Central Africa imported $50 billion worth of miscellaneous goods, according to CEEAC. Of these products from Asia, Europe and the Americas, food products such as chicken and frozen fish, rice and milk alone cost $6 billion, an increase of 6.5% over the last five years.

A demand sustained by both population growth, strong urban growth and improved incomes following the economic boom in some countries in the subregion (Angola, Gabon, Chad, Equatorial Guinea) “Reports the report on trade in Central Africa in 2015.

Beyond foodstuffs, reference may also be made to imports of equipment, maritime transport equipment and oil platforms that come first. Because of the dependence of several countries on black gold, trade in this area is at the top of the picture.

After this item of expenditure, the semi-finished products are cements and steel and cast iron products, due to the large number of infrastructure works underway in the subregion. Despite the crisis currently affecting the countries of the Community space, several projects are continuing and funding for their implementation continues to flow.

The subregion has also spent a lot on the acquisition of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, various petroleum products. The demographic boom as well as the emergence of a middle class whose needs are brought to high-end services justify this state of affairs.

Although the volume of imports is high, it is still 6% lower than in 2014. “A decline following the slowdown in infrastructure investment programs in Angola and Equatorial Guinea” , Notes the report.

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