Cameroon – Far North: Boko Haram slaughters 17 people in Gnam-Gnam

Written by Deckson N.

17 bodies of people slaughtered with knives, were discovered in the early morning of Saturday, January 14 in the Cameroonian town of Gnam-Gnam, we learn from a prominent security source who strongly requested anonymity.

17 people including 5 women, mainly men including elderly people who were slaughtered at the end of last week, in Gnam-Gnam, a village about a dozen kilometers from the tourist town of Waza in the Logone-&-Chari division, Far North region.

Their bodies were discovered in decomposition, in a brush, “the sliced heads have been meticulously placed on the chest or beside certain bodies. As if Boko Haram wanted to send us a message and a challenge, “says our military source.

The attackers would have entered the village in retaliation, against the populations they suspect of collaborating with the security forces that track them, continues our source.

One learns that some more robust men have been kidnapped to be enrolled in the ranks of the sect.

A few days before, adds the security contact, the members of the sect had given instructions that forbade the populations, to collaborate with the authorities and the security forces.

This attack by Boko Haram comes at a time when 33 members of the Nigerian Islamist sect, who allegedly became a member of the Islamic State, held in prison Of Maroua, were released.

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