Cameroon – Anglophone Problem: “We are here today to tell the world that we are not slaves. We never were, and we will never be” Hon. Wirba

Written by Deckson N.

The SDF MP. Hon. Wirba Joseph delivered a powerful speech last Saturday, January 14, to the population who answered present to his rally.

Before his arrival at Kumbo Squares Roundabout, reports say that a crowd of over 5.000 had turned out in defiance to the administrative authorities whom via the D.O. banned the said rally in a letter.

It looks like Hon. Wirba was not alone for this great event. He was accompanied by Mancho BBC, the famous coffin man of the Bamenda riots some months ago.

Taking the mic and addressing the crowd, Mancho asked, “They said we were small cubes of sugar in a bowl of water. Are we all gathered here small cubes of sugar?” “No” the crowd shouted.

Even if we were tiny cubes of sugar,” he continued, “we have refused to melt. Even the basin and the water now are suffering at the hands of the sugar. I always pay tribute to our forefathers for what they did and you know…, I told this government that what they are doing to us is like pumping carbon dioxide into us and when we explode, we shall be deadlier than Lake Nyos.” He said.

He continued . “At Waza Park, they fire shots in the air to protect elephants but when Anglophones raise their voices, they are mercilessly shot at. An eleven-year-old was shot at as he went to close his parents’ shop in Bamenda. Are these the kind of people you want us to stay with?” A resounding “No” came from the crowd. “On the day CPDM wanted to do the rubbish march in Bamenda, a 19-year-old student of Longla Comprehensive College, stood in front of her house to wash papaw but police shot her at point blank range and doctors from Yaounde wrote an autopsy report saying she fell. Are these the kind of people you want us to stay with?” “Another “No” echoed from the people. “This has gotten to the point where we better die fighting than die as beggars on our knees. We will fight and fight and fight,” he concluded.

Gladys Tafon, daughter to late Isaiah Tum Tafon, first-ever SCNC leader from Kumbo who died in exile in Nigeria, also took the mic and schooled the population on human rights and how far the struggle has gone at the level of the AU.

After all others had done speaking, Hon. Wirba took to the podium. He started; “We are here today to tell the world that we are not slaves. We never were, and we will never be. We West Cameroonians need to be united in this fight like never before. Since they said we are the ones who opted to join them, we are now equally opting out of that failed union. So it is high time those colonial oppressors in West Cameroon started packing their bags out of West Cameroon. We must resist their oppression and fight for our sovereignty.

We will carry this same message of resistance next to Kumba, then Buea and Bamenda…” he said.


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