Cameroon – AFCON 2017: “We need to put the team in order”- Roger Milla

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Back in Cameroon after a stay of almost a month in France where he underwent surgery on 2 January 2017, Albert Roger Milla immediately embarked on the official delegation that accompanies the Indomitable Lions in Libreville in Gabon.

Met on Sunday 15 January 2017 at the Hotel Le Méridien in Libreville where Hugo Broos and his players took their quarters, the former No. 9 of Cameroon did not hide his disappointment following the draw (1-1) Conceded by the Cameroonian selection against Burkina Faso.

How did you find the first Lions outing against Burkina Faso?

Yesterday’s match (Burkina Faso VS Cameroon) was a difficult game because Burkina Faso is a great team. But the problem of our team probably lies at the mental level. We had a lot of chances to win this game. We lost two points. If in the next game against Guinea Bissau, we try to raise the level, I think we can win the game.

What lessons do you learn from this game?

The lessons are the combativity of our young boys who fought to the end. When they left Cameroon, I think no one gave them that chance to do that kind of game. It is true that it has not been 100% but there are things to improve. I wish that from tomorrow, the coach starts to improve these things. It’s too visible, we can not let this happen if we want to go far in the competition. I talked to a lot of players and surely with the minister’s permission, I might have another talk. I asked them to find another day where the time would be and I would put them at their disposal, with Gérémi Njitap and Bill Tchato, to get our team in order because there was a lot of mess. When we see how we played yesterday, there are people who were disorderly, it is as if they did not want to fight, it is as if they did not want to play. And this kind of players, we do not need them, I say, really, we do not need them. With young people, we can do good things. We must make a great effort to try to bring the country as far as possible.

Do not you think there are things that need to be improved tactically?

That is why I said earlier that we played in disorder. Maybe the defense was tactically, but the midfield was not in place tactically because you can not leave a team like Burkina Faso who has good players who know how to dribble and who, perhaps, are not Effective. If we do not prevent them from controlling the ball, they will put us in difficulty. And even in attack, we were light, really very light. We can not understand that a center-forward like Zoua, who is dangerous, has a great kick, is powerful, that the coach lets him come take the ball in our 18 meters to try to dribble and then , We snatch. I talked with Zoua, he says that it is the coach who asks him to play like that. I told him: sir, me when I was playing, when I was confident, even the other players, we did not listen to the coach. What the coach told us before the game, we accepted but in the game, when we saw that it was dangerous, we played as we could. The center forward remains in a point, he prevents the defense from rising and you are dangerous because you have a good strike, you have a good power. This is where we have sinned a little.

Given what we saw yesterday, can we easily forget the many defections observed in the team?

Yes! For now, we can forget because the team is already there. Those who have made defections must know that they are Cameroonians. And Cameroon can never run after a player. If I see that, I’ll be the first one to mess up. Cameroon has no right to beg a player who refuses to come and defend his colors. Let him stay in his corner and we will do with the others. I am happy because those who are there agreed to come, they started to do the work, we will continue with them to the end. Whoever wishes to return later, the doors are greatly opened to them. They have to understand that they can not blackmail a country. Never.

After seeing Guinea Bissau play yesterday, is there room to be worried?

No, there is no fear. We have the possibility of beating them. What the Gabon lacked yesterday is to pass to the sides, to have the control of the ball. But Gabon is not Cameroon, we even have the opportunity to win with a large score.

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