Cameroon – Unity Palace: Chantal Biya sacked all her security guards!

Written by Deckson N.

Trafficking and the escape of confidential information would have been the cause of their eviction.

Since the return of his recent private visit from Switzerland, Paul Biya has decided to clean up “from top to bottom” his domestic security entourage. All the close security of the Head of State, made up of elements of the first group of protection and security of the Directorate of Presidential Security (PDS), assigned in his private residence, was, according to a security source, swept.

Indiscretions within the Unity Palace in Yaounde, claim that this household cleanup was decided by order of his wife Chantal Biya. According to the newspaper Le Courrier published on January 11, 2017, the traffic and leak of information with confidential characters would be the cause of their eviction.

“In this lot is Second Lieutenant Mindja. From this presidential purge to the Presidential Security Directorate, the only survivors, would be the chief of her security lieutenant-colonel of gendarmerie Étienne Honlong and the driver of the First Lady, “reveals the newspaper.

The First Lady reportedly found “the traffic and leakage of sensitive information of a confidential nature from her residence, from contacts established with certain activist movements of the CODE based in Europe, deemed hostile to the Head of State, through noisy and recurring manifestations in front of the Intercontinental Hotel Geneva in Switzerland during the private visits of the President of the Republic in Switzerland, and especially the display in the social networks of tribulations of the younger daughter of the presidential couple Brenda Biya in the United States of America.

According to reports, detailed investigations have been carried out for a long time by the intelligence services of the DPS, under the personal guidance of Major General Ivo Desancio Yenwo. The findings of the investigations would have confirmed the suspicions that weighed on all the former agents assigned to the close security of the private residence of the presidential couple.

Informed comments in high places want to find in this cleaning of the close guard of the head of the Cameroonian executive, a means of pressure to incline the president of the Republic to get rid of some of his close collaborators of the presidency of the Republic, In the sight of the first lady, “notes the paper.

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