Cameroon – Bamenda, Kumba and Buea riots: Some detainees are missing

Written by Deckson N.

On 10 January 2017, 21 people arrested during the demonstrations in the English-speaking Regions were released. However, sources report that they were basically about fifty inmates.

According to sources in the newspaper of Haman Mana, 51 people were arrested during the riots in Bamenda, Kumba and Buea. As of 10 January 2017, the National Station in its 1 pm news edition announced that the Government had released 21 demonstrators.

Only, says the sources of the newspaper, there are some who were absent. “What about the people arrested in Bamenda, Buea and Kumba and then transferred for several weeks to Yaounde? The Government does not communicate on the case of these citizens who are several dozen of them. Who are they ? How exactly are they? Where are they detained? What are their conditions of detention? And what is the level of progress of the procedures in progress? “Wonders Le Jour.

However, sources interviewed by the daily indicate that the 54 Cameroonians arrested in the above-mentioned cities were transferred to Yaounde the day after the demonstrations. “Our sources indicate that they were kept in police custody at the Direction of the Judicial Police and the Central Service of Judicial Investigations of the gendarmerie at the Lake District in Yaounde on instructions from the Government Commissioner to the Military Court of the Central Region ” Wrote Le Jour.

According to the newspaper, they were split in two. Some were housed in the Directorate of the Judicial Police and others in the Central Service of Judicial Investigations of the gendarmerie.

We know that today the Commission of Human Rights of the Bar of Cameroon follows this investigation. The Commission also filed its letter of incorporation containing the names of the voluntary lawyers for the defense of the respondents.

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