Cameroon – Bamenda Strike: Government liberated the arrested youths on Monday night and took them back to Bamenda

Written by Deckson N.

The youths arrested during the Bamenda strike and sent to Yaounde were released yesterday night and taken back to Bamenda.

Their liberation was one of the requirements for dialogue to start between the government and the consortium. They are presently being recieved by the Governor of the North West region, Adolph Lele.

Note that chances are now high that dialogue on the “Anglophone problem” might start. But for now, the consortium reiterates that there’s no school in the NW and SW regions. A strike action respected the fullest by everybody in the concerned regions.

Stay posted for updates.

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  • Government is faking us, but its time PAUL BIYA understands he was made strong in BAMENDA and only BAMENDA too can bring him down. Only a few out of the those arrested actually were brought back to BAMENDA. WHERE ARE THE REST!!!