Cameroon – Patrick Ekema Esunge: Mayor of Buea says that the images of violence against students are “edited” thus they are fake.

Written by Deckson N.

The mayor of the chief town of the Southwest Region took advantage of his passage on Sunday 8 January 2017 on Equinoxe television to challenge striking teachers.

Patrick Ekema Esunge was on Sunday, January 8, 2017 the guest of the show “Dimanche avec vous” broadcast in the afternoon on Equinoxe Television. The Mayor of Buea spoke on many issues. Notably on the anglophone crisis. On this subject, he promised that the resumption of classes would take place on Monday in Buea, and that for his part “himself and not the driver” would take the wheel to drive his children to school.

He assimilated the authors of the claims as well as the partisans of secession to a small group of whom one should not be afraid. He estimated that they are around 60 of them and that they are known to the authorities in the Southwest Region.

Speaking of the secession demanded by the English-speaking strikers, he asked them to go and create their state in the sea. As for the barbaric violence perpetrated by the police forces, he considers that the videos his interviewer See are “edited“. He asks our colleague if the young people that we see the police dragging to a puddle of mud were taken from their rooms.

According to him, he rather complained about the fate of a law enforcement officer who was abused by students who demonstrated for the removal of penalty fees.

Patrick Ekema Esunge, during the show, lambasted the “jealous” who attacked him. He has magnified Paul Biya, leader of his party, the RDPC and his action at the head of Cameroon.

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  • Teze emmanuel

    This guy should be assasinated

  • Esunge Pamela

    He should be hanged if possible.

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