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Written by Deckson N.

Members of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, CACSC, have revealed that they are much ready to dialogue with the government to break the deadlock that has existed since the strike action in the North West and South West regions began.

In a Press briefing on the developments of events and their stance, they said, “We are willing to dialogue and solve problems which have beset the NW and SW regions, but Government seems to have other priorities. We still believe that a return to two-states Federation remains the best guarantee or institutional safeguard for the protection of our legal, educational, social economic and political in Cameroon.” They also said only a press conference will be convened to announce any strike suspension and not a Press release.

The announcement comes a day after a fake Press release presumably from a government agent said the strike had been suspended and called on students and pupils to go back to school on Monday, it was later found out that the release was not from the Consortium.

The Consortium equally observed with regrets governments plan to undermine the dialogue process by making several moves to non members of the ad hoc committee by trying to coerce Chiefs, Fons, Principals and Elites.

Members of the Consortium have given the Parliamentarians One week to secure the release of youth ‘abducted’ in Bamenda without which they will face difficulties in upcoming elections.

They maintained the ghost town come Monday.


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  • Gov’t must satisfy us else no school till further notice.

  • Cameroonians of English descent in Nigeria


    January 6, 2017

    The President
    Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium
    Buea – Cameroon


    We write to assert that the struggle to liberate Southern Cameroonians from the oppression, colonization, marginalization, and barbaric acts perpetuated by ‘La Republique du Cameroun’, is a legitimate one, and of course should be taken seriously by all Southern Cameroonians.
    We frown at the way President Paul Biya’s regime is handling our demands and using short-sighted, corrupt and manipulative means to undermine the struggle, rather than embarking on frank and genuine dialogue that can provide lasting solutions. We also frown at our Elites and Leaders who for personal aggrandisement and other interests, pretend not to be part of the struggle and attempt to mislead the people, undermine and sabotage the struggle. Their call for Schools to resume amidst unresolved issues should not be heeded to by anyone in the Southern Cameroon and in Anglophone Schools in La Republic du Cameroon. We will wish ask them: “In Southern Cameroon today, what is the difference between youths who went to School and the ones who did not go to School? All of them are unemployed. So sacrificing a few ‘school days’ to guarantee lasting opportunities for the present Southern Cameroon generation and generations yet to be born is the wisest decision to make now. This can be done only when we all collectively support the struggle through the Consortium. So the Consortium’s call for ghost town on Monday January 9, 2017, should be fully backed by all and sundry in Southern Cameroon.
    We commend every one of the Teachers and Lawyers, as well as the Consortium for their stance, consistency and selflessness, and we share with their daily plights, in the struggle especially against a repressive and anarchical regime. We also commend our courageous Youths, Activists, Civil Society and the entire Population, that have stood up for this course so far. We await welcoming those still dragging their feet. The diaspora too have done well. Where possible, may they register our plight with the UN offices, UK embassies as well as other stakeholders across the world.
    We wish to draw awareness to the fact that the darkest hours of the night are closest to dawn. As such, the torture meted out by the Yaoundé regime on our peaceful demonstrators, is just a tip of the iceberg. We anticipate that the regime will do worse in the days ahead, as the struggle gathers weight. In this light, we appeal that:
    The slogan of the activists of the ‘Coffin Revolution’ – “All for one and one for all” should be the practice on ground. We should not only be our Brothers’ keeper but stand up for everyone who is being touched by the regime on account of this course. As Bareta insinuated: We should crown our ‘Juju’ and be the ‘Kwefons’. We should be ready to defend our Leaders should any plot be designed against them. CENDNGA stands with the people and the Consortium Leaders on this.

    Past experiences count in the success of our endeavours. The Consortium should be broadened to accommodate other Leaders of ‘Timber and Calibre’. There are outstanding Southern Cameroon Activists who have distinguished themselves in this particular struggle with La Republique du Cameroun. We all know them. The Consortium should consider inviting them on board in order to strengthen the platform.

    In times like this, effective communication is essential. There is the need for the Consortium to streamline this aspect and enhance a feedback mechanism that reaches the grass root. Tapang Ivo has given some insight on how this could be organized to reach the grass root.

    Among the Southern Cameroonians in this struggle, two views prevail: (i) Two-State Federation; and (ii) Independence. While the Two-State Federation seems a milder demand from the Yaoundé government, the demand for independence seems to be more popular among the people because of its enormous benefits over the two-State Federation. We beg the Consortium to synchronize these views and take the peoples’ posture.

    We also appeal that should any dialogue between the Teachers or Lawyers with the Government ‘La Republique du Cameroun’, the Consortium should take the lead. After all, in a negotiation, each party has the right to decide who represents him/her.

    Before we conclude, we acknowledge all the heroes/heroines that have lost their lives from the onset of this struggle. Our condolences go to these families. For such lives lost, our struggle should not go in vain. We should sustain the momentum until we reach our ultimate goal.

    May we end here for now, indicating that we are indebted to this course, and we pledge our allegiance and unflinching support to the Consortium and the struggle for the liberation of Southern Cameroon.
    Yours faithfully,

    Dr Njikimbi Kwanga

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