Cameroon – Michel Nintcheu: “Paul Biya is definitely struck by amnesia!”

Written by Deckson N.

For the parliamentarian, the 2016 speech of the President of the Republic is proof that Paul Biya is disconnected from the realities of his country.

This is the entirety of the open forum published in the La Nouvelle Expression columns published on January 4, 2016.

Totally disconnected from the realities of the country. Unable to make an economically low profile because he succeeded in being the only Head of State in the world, during his 34 years of monarchical rule, to return his country twice in the programs Structural adjustment measures imposed by the IMF.

His speech proved that Cameroon is definitely in automatic steering mode. He allowed himself to wield surrealist figures of the creation of jobs without moreover, to specify the sectors concerned. Proclaim that the number of job creation (335,000 in 2015 against 320,000 in 2016 based on his own figures declined at the last two addresses to the Nation) increased by 20 per cent, really convince that Mr. Biya, in addition to having bad relationships with statistics, is definitely struck by amnesia!

In terms of infrastructure, we thought we were in another country. Perhaps he believed in Switzerland where he made his permanent resorts. There is no specific timetable on infrastructures that exist only on paper and which has been inscribed for two decades in the state budget and postponed from year to year. For those whose work has not yet been completed, he feigned to ignore that the delays are linked to bad governance including bad financial arrangements on the basis of retro commissions among others.

We was also noted his puerile arrogance and his bliss on the Anglophone Problem. No word of compassion for our young compatriots who were massacred by his soldiery. His promise to create a commission on this subject is not credible when one knows what becomes of the commissions of inquiry created since his 34 years of undivided reign. The last one concerns the one concerning the tragedy of Eséka which has not yet been made public even though he had prescribed a period of 30 days. Mr. Biya agrees with Georges Clemenceau, who said that to bury a problem, we create a commission … Mr. Biya would benefit from knowing that dishing up the torso on this potentially explosive problem will only aggravate this crisis which has already reached its climax.

On the level of public freedoms in connection with the demonstrations of Bamenda and Buea, he cited freedom of demonstration. Without ever believing. It is logical to invoke the freedom of manifestation which is a constitutional right after having instrumentalised and transformed the defense and security forces into a repressive force with a license to kill to the point of repressing the peaceful demonstrators.

To conclude, this speech should have been the last one in view of the resolutions of the last extraordinary summit of the countries of the CEMAC zone, which contrary to his statements, will plunge Cameroon into austerity and will further suffer the people who have already agreed to enormous sacrifices after the first structural adjustment plan. Exasperation is at its height throughout the national territory.

The only service that Mr. Biya can render to the Cameroonian people is to recognize his abysmal incapacity to preside over the destinies of our country and to resign. Or at least give clear indications that he will not stand for re-election in the next presidential election like his Angolan counterpart Eduardo Dos Santos who made a commitment to his people to be a candidate for his own succession. Needless to say, the 74-year-old Angolan president is 10 years older than Mr. Biya.

We must leave power in time. Not to be carried away by the gale. The patriots are aware that we must not deceive ourselves on this step of wisdom and nobility because  Monarch Biya is among the dictators whose dream is to die in power against the winds and tides. It is up to the Cameroonian people to take their destiny into their own hands.

Honorable Jean Michel Nintcheu

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