Cameroon – Law: The Ministry of Defense condemned to pay 1.5 million FCFA to a retired gendarme

Written by Deckson N.

The gendarme complained about the abusive freezing of his assets by the Ministry of Defense while the administration invoked the “annual prescription” of his budget to justify the non-payment of his claim.

François Robert Mezazem, retired gendarme, won his trial against the Ministry of Defense (MINDEF). He has dragged his former administration to justice for reparation since 2011. Five years after he filed his application with the Supreme Court Administrative Chamber, he saw his approach succeed.

According to the Kalara newspaper published on January 4, 2017, the retired gendarme wished to see the administrative judge condemn the state to relocate to him mission expenses remain unpaid after their holdings. He demanded a compensation of 500 million FCFA to repair all the damages suffered.

According to the retired gendarme who presented himself alone before the judges’ panel, whenever he claimed his due, MINDEF constantly referred to” budget anomalies, in particular the exhaustion of the budget line allocated to payments Of the expenses related to the mission expenses of its agents, in order not to balance his credited amount to 1.5 million FCFA until his retirement “, reveals the paper.

The gendarme also said that he had made several reminders, confronted with the indifference of the administration. It is this indifference that would have pushed him to seize the Administrative Tribunal of the Supreme Court on September 11, 2011. “The MINDEF who has not appeared argued through writings that the claim of his former agent is proven, But is doomed to rejection because of its late filing. The State of Cameroon observes that the last mission carried out by Mezazem took place in 2009. He would have waited until on 9 April 2011, two years later to send his prior recourse to Mr. Mebe Ngo’o, the Minister of Defense at that time, “says Kalara.

Judged unreliable, the “annual prescription” argument was rejected by the Tribunal. For the judge, “if the State has not been able to pay, the claim refers to the following financial year, it is a debt due. This argument is not serious “. The Tribunal has ordered the state to pay 1.5 million FCFA to Mezazem. This sum corresponded to the mission expenses due to him. The surplus was deemed unfounded.

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