Cameroon – Anglophone Problem: “The speech of the President of the Republic was unnecessarily martial” Jean-Bruno Tagne

Written by Deckson N.

The Deputy Managing Director of Canal 2 International believes that for this, Paul Biya will find it difficult to obtain the votes of the English-speaking populations in the next presidential election.

Journalist Jean-Bruno Tagne believes that Paul Biya has alienated the electorate of the North-West and South-West Regions when addressing the nation on 31 December 2016. The Deputy Director-General at private television channel Canal 2 International found the tone of his intervention on the crisis in the anglophone zone brutal.

In a pre-election year, a President of the Republic who aspires to be a candidate does not make such speeches. Because I am wondering what he is going to say to the people of the English-speaking areas when the time comes to try to beg their votes. It will be very complicated because the break is almost total, “he said on the morning of Wednesday 4 January 2017 on Radio Balafon, an antenna emitting from Douala.

To prove this hostility, the elder of the daily Le Jour quotes the failures of the recent missions led by the head of the government Philemon Yang in the Northwest. “You saw that the Prime Minister was disavowed at least twice. He was sent twice on the ground to Bamenda to discuss with the populations, he left empty-handed. The second time it went very badly with violence.

Sufficient for him to conclude that the Cameroonian President should have done better. “I think that the speech of the President of the Republic was unnecessarily martial. While at the moment there was talk of appeasing the situation. Even if the Head of State is the guarantor of the republican order, the fact remains that it would have been necessary to hold another speech to try to appease people, “suggests a Jean-Bruno Tagne who Wonders how supporters of Paul Biya will beat campaign for their champion.

Via CIN by Pierre Arnaud NTCHAPDA

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