Cameroon – Insecurity: 19 weapons of war and 1608 ammunition seized by the army in Ngaoundéré

Written by Deckson N.

This is the result of several operations carried out for three months by the elements of the BIR.

The Governor of the Adamaoua Region, Kildadi Taguiéké Boukar, presented to the press on December 27, 2016, the fruit of several operations launched by the Cameroonian army in recent months. L’Œil du Sahel published on 29 December 2016, reports that the 5th Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) has been carrying out large seizures of arms and ammunition since October.

An operation that coincides with the arrival of Lieutenant-Colonel Desire Maidoang at the head of this unit in Adamaoua. Indeed, following a clash between the elements of the 5th BIR and the hostage takers in the locality of Soukounga, Borough of Nyambaka, last October, an AK47 and a box of chargers and 25 ammunition were recovered ” , Reveals the newspaper.

On November 22, 2016, after an exchange of fired shots, the BIR elements recover another AK47, 23 ammunition and a box of magazines in Martap, locality of the Vina division. Yet the army continued to rake wide. This is how a major catch was made on 17 December 2016 in Djouroum, a locality located 17 km from Ngaoundéré.

The record is eloquent: three caches of weapons that contained five ak47, 501 ammunition, 17 boxes-loaders and three hand grenades were discovered,” says our colleague. This is not all, since the biweekly reports that the biggest catch was made in another operation from 19 to 21 December in the locality of Touboro.

On this side, the BIR, still based on information obtained from the populations, fell on five caches of weapons each containing two AK47 and cartridges, that is a total of 10 kalachnikovs, 34 boxes-loaders, 1059 ammunition , Seven hand grenades, “the paper said.

The result in three months is impressive: 19 kalachnikovs, 1608 ammunition, 53 boxes-chargers, 10 hand grenades with the bonus of household appliances. “I congratulate these valiant soldiers who, after three months, present us with such a glowing report,” said the Governor.

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