Cameroon – Anglophone problem: Here is a summary by Maitre Jackson Ngnié Kamga, president of the Bar Association of Cameroon, on the main demands of English-speaking lawyers

Written by Deckson N.

The latter proposes to the authorities to establish an Anglophone section at the level of the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM), with a specific recruitment for Anglophones.

In an interview with Radio Equinoxe, Maitre Jackson Ngnié Kamga, president of the Bar Association of Cameroon, summarized the main demands of anglophone lawyers whose strike was one of the starting points of the demonstrations recently observed in the cities of Bamenda , Buea and Kumba.

Lawyers practicing in the Southwest and North-West simply felt that the way justice was done in these Regions was not consistent with the Common Law they learned. This is due in part to the fact that magistrates who do not understand the English-speaking culture or the common law culture, who do not speak well in English, exercise and render decisions in this part of the country.

English-speaking lawyers rightly believe that at the level of the Supreme Court, a section reserved for scrutiny must be established for appeals from the Northwest and South-West jurisdictions. In English, they call it “Common Law bench at the Supreme Court”, where it must have fewer than 300 anglophones. This poses the problem of their redeployment, “he said.

In an attempt to resolve this problem on a long-term basis, the head of Cameroon’s lawyers believes that “it is time to think of setting up an anglophone section at ENAM (national school of administration and magistracy) Specific for anglophones so as to re-balance the figures between the English-speaking magistrates and the francophone magistrates “.

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