Cameroon – Refugee management: “Refugees create problems for us,” says Kildadi Taguieke Boukar, Governor of the Adamaoua Region

Written by Deckson N.

Convened last week by René Emmanuel Sadi, the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, the Governors of the Regions took the opportunity to take stock of their various command territories during the last six months of the year.

At the beginning of last week, the Governors of the Regions of Cameroon were all present in Yaounde, at the second annual conference organized by René Emmanuel Sadi, the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization (MINATD). The foundations focused on security and budgetary issues allowed the bosses of the Regions to make the point on their territories of command during the last six months.

Kildadi Taguieke Boukar, the Governor of the Adamaoua Region, met with the daily Le Jour on 21 December and declared that “thanks to the combined efforts of the administrative and military authorities and those of the local populations, Without any particular difficulty. Our specialized forces are on the ground and look after the riding. The citizens of Adamaoua can go about their occupations in all quietude, the administration does everything to ensure them of beautiful festivals. Speaking of the refugees, it must be said that they are numerous in our Region. We have two large camps with more than 20,000 refugees. Sometimes these refugees create problems for us.

Grégoire Mvongo, Governor of the Eastern Region, notes the incursions of thugs from the Central African Republic into his command territory. “I can say that security in the Eastern Region is improving. Similarly, the fight against poaching, which is also a scourge in the Region, is experiencing fruit. So the security situation is improving. The issue of Central African refugees is rather delicate. They account for about 20% of the Eastern population. This is a delicate situation that must be managed all the more because they have arrived fraudulently, “he said.

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