Cameroon – Boko Haram: The fight against terrorists slowing down as Nigerian soldiers refuse to go to front

Written by Deckson N.

They are engaged in Operation Final Rescue.

In its December 15, 2016 edition, the daily Le Jour reports that many Nigerian soldiers engaged in Operation Final rescue are defecting. It is to be specified that this operation aims to invest and clean the Sambisa Forest from the presence of Boko haram. The daily says that “losses are deplorable. The Chief of Staff of the Nigerian Army would have promised that in 2017, the soldiers engaged in Operation Lafiya Dolle will have to join the posts to which they are assigned. Operation Lafiya Dolle is the operation of the Nigerian armed forces for the fight against Boko haram.

According to Le Jour, for the specific mission of Final Rescue, “Nigerian soldiers from Lafiya Dolle have associated a section and an armored platoon in the sector No. 1 of the Multinational Joint Force (MJF). Together they undertook to dislodge the terrorists. The final assault was agreed on December 12th. The “Zero Camp,” the Boko Haram command post, was to be razed by the 21st Nigerian Army Brigade.

But, obviously, reports the daily, things do not go as planned. “The troops of the 21st brigade could not engage their heavy armored vehicles to rake the terrorist camp. They had to position themselves further in Bula Bello. From that position they fired shells. Despite this, they were attacked. One Nigerian soldier was killed and three others were wounded. Two fighters were killed. An Ak 47 rifle, a rocket launcher shell, rifle ammunition, a bicycle, empty cans were recovered, “the newspaper writes.

To this must be added the death on the road between Damasak and Gudumbali, in the Nigerian locality of Zari, Nigerian Lieutenant-Colonel O. Osumu. Events that tell the Cameroonian military engaged in Operation Final Rescue that there is a delay in the final assault.

It is a slowdown, but it is to better relaunch the final assault,” hopes the source encountered by the daily. “There are still some concerns with the state of mind of our Nigerian brothers. A little grumble, for reasons that are not revealed to us, “he adds.

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