Cameroon – Employment: Government announces 400,000 decent jobs in 2017

Written by Deckson N.

Philemon Yang, the Prime Minister, made the announcement during the last parliamentary session.

In its December 14, 2016 issue, the daily Le Jour, is questioning the meaning of a decent job, in connection with Philemon Yang’s announcement of 400,000 new jobs in 2017. By presenting to Parliament the economic, financial, social and cultural program of the Government for next year, the PM emphasized that these would be decent jobs.

What is a decent job?” The newspaper wrote. The International Labor Office defines it as “the concept of decent work sums up the aspirations of every worker: the possibility of performing productive and adequately remunerated work, with safe conditions in the workplace and social protection for his family. Decent job gives individuals the opportunity to develop and integrate into society, as well as the freedom to express their concerns, to organize and to take part in decisions that will affect their lives. It presupposes equal opportunities and treatment for women and men “.

On the basis of this definition of the International Labor Office, Le Jour wonders if the Government can be able to give young Cameroonians who will surely find a smile with this kind of announcement, 400,000 jobs deemed decent. The newspaper points out that it is difficult to be able to either affirm or deny it. However, it states that the problem is not so much about unemployment but underemployment. For figures from the National Institute of Statistics reveal that nearly three out of four workers are underemployed. Underemployment is mainly due to low pay, as in 2010, for example, 70.3% of workers earned less than the statutory monthly minimum wage.

However, the source of the daily newspaper acknowledges that decent job has improved slightly with the rise in wage employment in non-farm informal in rural areas and to a lesser extent in urban areas in some regions. For example, the vulnerable employment rate has also declined, particularly among women and young people aged 15-34, and among middle-aged workers.

It must therefore be said that what the Government, according to sources, wishes to promote is self-employment in urban and rural areas. It also plans to provide young people with the financial means to take care of themselves. It is in this area that she wants to create these 400,000 jobs.

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