Cameroon – Employment: An economist says the 400 000 “decent” jobs are not enough!

Written by Deckson N.

The economist analyzes the Prime Minister’s announcement of 400,000 decent jobs in 2017.

Questioned by the daily newspaper Le Jour, which reports this interview in its December 14, 2016 edition, Dr Ariel Ngnitedem, an economist, believes that the 400,000 jobs announced by Philemon Yang, Prime Minster (PM) are insufficient.

These are jobs that the entire Cameroonian administration will create in 2017. 400,000 jobs in one year are not enough. This is proof that the Cameroonian economy does not create much. Given the rate of underemployment and unemployment, there is a perception that these jobs are not sufficient. Will these jobs achieve the objectives set out in the Growth and Jobs Strategy, which aims to reduce under-employment by 75% by 2020? It would have been desirable for the Prime Minister to tell us where we are with this objective and what these 400,000 jobs are in terms of percentage.

Highlighting the difference between decent employment and underemployment, Dr. Ariel Ngnitedem states: “Underemployment is a job that is not in keeping with academic training, with the skills of the person concerned. This is the case of a person who has a master’s degree or an engineering degree but who works as a laborer. A decent job is a job that allows the practitioner to live decently. This is the case of a person who has a Bachelors degree and is part of a structure. He can rent a decent house, send his children to school, take care of himself and feed himself. The gain you draw must be in line with your skill level.

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