Cameroon – Ayah Paul: “Anglophones are not a tribe. We were a country with a government, a constitution, with everything that constitutes a state”

Written by Deckson N.

The president of the People Action Party denounces the position of the Government. According to him, it presents federalism as a march towards secession.

Ayah Paul Abine, president of the People Action Party, is in favor of the federalism to which the demands of anglophones in Cameroon are currently directed. This information is provided by the Daily Emergence edition of December 14, 2016. Appearing on the claims of lawyers and teachers, today Cameroonians of English expression seem increasingly to agree on the desire of a A return to federalism unwarranted by the Government, which saw in it a fracture of the Republic.

In his interview with the Emergence Daily, Paul Ayah Abine said that “Anglophones are treated like a conquered people. Anglophones are not a tribe. We were a country with a government, a constitution, with everything that constitutes a state.

From his point of view, the claims have brought the English-speaking problem to the fore. “In 2009, the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights recognized Anglophones as a people. A country that has only one people, like the American, French, British people … In Cameroon there are two peoples. So we are an internationally recognized people, we have a territory. What we lack is a Government. That is the Anglophone problem. For we are not recognized as full citizens of the Republic “.

For the daily, it simply means that Cameroon finds itself beyond the “primary” demands of lawyers and teachers. “For a long time claims have been submitted to the state and the state has pretended not to pay attention to them. A few days ago Mr. Tchiroma spokesman of the Government called anglophones a small minority. This means that the government can do without it, “says Paul Ayah Abine. The latter continues: “There has never been a treaty of union, we have never been a people before the law. One could not speak of secession unless one had been before one.

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