Cameroon – Psychosis: Francophones flee the Northwest Region!

Written by Deckson N.

According to sources, they do so for fear of reprisals and intimidation.

This is information reported by the daily newspaper Le Jour edition of December 13, 2016. For fear of reprisals and intimidation, Cameroonians who are not from the Northwest Region prefer to rid the floor. The daily writes: “Parents of students in the town of Buea, in the South-West, told us yesterday that residents of certain schools and universities in the region have joined their families this weekend . On the recommendation of the school authorities or for fear of the uncertainty of tomorrow? “. The newspaper stresses that reinforcements are still expected in this direction.

A parent of a student met here in Yaounde in the Central Region declares that “my daughter is indeed with me in Yaounde. They were asked to come back and wait for calm to return. ” The newspaper makes a note of humor about the warm hours that Philemon Yang the Prime Minister (PM) and his delegation lived last Friday in Bamenda. Le Jour says that if the PM has “experienced relief” when leaving this region, a fringe of the population on the other hand does not feel at all safe.

Cameroonians who usually live in the Northwest Region and who have temporarily chosen to rid the floor somehow try to hide their real motivations: “We have problems and instead of helping out, people sit and make noise on TV. It is good that this kind of situation happens so that they know that it is not easy to live at home, “says an agent of the Ministry of Finance. The latter is one of the Cameroonians who have traveled to shelter with their families.

As for the demands of teachers ‘trade unionists, they have divided the teachers’ community. “I am not sure that we will continue to work as before with people who have shown us their true face,” confesses one of them.

Another teacher from the University of Bamenda, a native of the West, states that “one must be very courageous to hold on. The situation is difficult. As an individual, I have not been attacked yet, but when I go to my neighborhood or campus, they point to me as one of those who need to free up space to give more breathing to anglophones. It’s not easy to evolve in such an environment. ” As a precaution, he said he had sent away his entire family.

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