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Cameroon – Bidoung Mkpatt: The MINSEP has become a celebrity on social media

Written by Deckson N.

Since last Saturday, Ismaël Bidoung Mkpatt, Minister of Sports and Physical Education (Minsep) has a high rating on social networks.

Ismaël Bidoung Mkpatt is indeed at the heart of an ironic challenge launched by the young journalist Dariche Nedhi on his Facebook page.

The idea is to make an image parody of the hyper-reverential greeting of the Minsep to the President of the Republic Paul Biya.

Last Thursday, at the reception of the Indomitable Lionesses by Paul Biya at the Unity Palace, Ismaël Bidoung Mkpatt created a buzz when reaching out to the president, his head ostentatiously lowered and feet 3 meters from his boss.

The parody gave rise to all sorts of positions to show his “deep respect” to the person hailed. Since Saturday, Internet users of various profiles (artists, sportsmen, journalists, etc.) rival imagination to join the movement “Dos curve” or “Bidoung Mkpatt Challenge“.

Photos and videos are thus put to contribution for improbable greetings. A business is even in the making; that of T-shirts marked #BidoungMkpattChallenge. For now, the winner of this politically incorrect game has yet to be declared. The original is probably unbeatable …

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