Cameroon – MTN: Mobile Telecom Company slammed for poor network this Saturday, accused of colluding with the government!

Written by Deckson N.

Today Saturday 10 December 2016 has been hell for MTN users, especially those in the NW and SW regions.

Following the tensions in these regions of the country, many people in other regions not affected by these strikes were being updated thanks to Social Media like Facebook and WhatsApp, especially because the state television CRTV is practically nonexistent as far as these strikes are concern.

Many people were suspecting the fact that the government was going to suspend internet or social media in these regions. This theory was further considered to be true because some uniform men in Bamenda were actually destroying phones of individuals having any picture of the strikes.

So today Saturday, MTN, which is the most used network in these regions, was down. Calls were not going through, and internet was absent. Those who had the chance to get internet were browsing at the speed of snail. So many Cameroonians believed that the government surely is behind it.

MTN took it to their Facebook official page to issue an apology. see below.


But Cameroonians did not believe the Telecommunications company as many of them said they were disappointed by MTN’s coalition with the government to kill the anglophones. see the comments below.


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